A Fitness Shoot for a Fit Couple

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. Quite awhile! Ha.

Today, I feel inspired. Its got to do with 2 things that are close to my heart – Photography and Fitness. I have been a wedding photographer for close to 18 years now (Isn’t that amazing in itself?) Along this journey, I have been for the most part, unfit. Overweight and often out of breath. That said, I have always been full of energy. Friends would often remark and wonder how in the world do I find the energy to do the things I do (and have 5 kids in the process) Hahaha. I could shoot 7 consecutive days of weddings and not feel tired. I would actually look forward to each and every one of those 7 shoots.

My friends are not wrong. I do have boundless energy. That is one of the advantages when you are more mature. You understand yourself a lot better and I realise now that I don’t tire easily. That said, I was still overweight despite the many shoots I was doing (and they required lots of walking!) I put that down to one thing – me constantly snacking. I was constantly eating!

Eventually, in Jul 2018, I decided to do something about my health. I was close to 100 kg and decided I needed to lose weight. I used Intermittent Fasting, stayed razor focused and lost about 15 kg in 3 months. After those 3 months, I started going to the gym to work out, I eventually put on some muscles. The gym has since played an important part in this new routine of mine. I gym almost daily now. Either lifting heavy weights or joining a HIIT class to sweat it out. I have also made some amazing friends in the gym. Before going into that, I believe the gym deserves a special mention. Bespoke Fitness (based in Infinite Studios in One North). That’s the gym I go to. They have a special community of gym goers. The gym is founded by a sister and brother pair, Yan and Tiat. They have somehow managed to create a community of gym goers that are supportive and encouraging. I attend the 7am class and its nice seeing familiar faces every morning. Take a moment to realise that all of these guys made a commitment to come to the gym at 7am in the morning, every morning! Eventually, these faces became more than just faces. They became gym buddies and now, dear friends. There are no prima donnas here and no grunting and chest thumping. Some days, Air Supply’s “All out of love” would be playing while you bench press. I love that. Hahah. More importantly, everyone is respectful. I also find it amazing that a class could consist of an 18 year old medical student, a 25 year old working in One North and a 60+ year old. All doing their HIIT alongside one another and encouraging each other.

It was in the 7am class that I first met Chris and Shannen. They are known as the fit couple among the morning gym goers. We worked out together quite a bit and eventually when Chris proposed, we celebrated with the couple and when they asked if I could help shoot their pre-wedding portraits, I was truly excited.

For this shoot, the couple put in quite a bit of effort. They trained consistently and watched their diet. It was about cutting and looking ripped. When I saw them for the shoot, I was truly inspired and awed. I haven’t seen them in weeks before the shoot because I was away in NZ during the period. So coming back and seeing them so buffed was inspirational.

Here are the images from our shoot. It was taken in Labrador Park and at Bespoke Fitness Gym.

They are both glowing!
Because why not?
Planking on a plank
Arnie would have been proud! =)
Back at where our 7am class takes place!
My fave!
These bars have brought much joy to those who attempted and did their first pull ups!
Chris may be all smiles but this is a lot harder than it looks! Hahah
And finally, Whey you marry me??

I have done fitness shoots before but this is special for me. They are one of the nicest couples I have met and now, one of the most inspiring.

On a sidenote, Shannen runs the super awesome Wicked Greens. Super tasty healthy food.

Bespoke Fitness
21 Media Cir, #01-06 Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562
Tel: 6570 2778

Wicked Green
 154 West Coast Rd, #B1-57 Facing Taxi Stand, Singapore 127371
Tel: 9107 1076

Myself (in the red berms), Pixies KC and the couple and their friend who helped out

~ by Kelvin on January 29, 2020.

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  1. thank you for journeying with us and accommodating us!!! 🙂

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