My Weight Loss Journey (Part 1)

A year ago today, I was at 99kg, overweight, had sleep apnea and a fatty liver. At the end of a trip to Hokkaido, on the plane, I realised I could not even clasp my wrist watch. I made a decision at that moment to do something about my weight.

Me back in July 2018 and that Cartier Santos I couldn’t clasp.

Me now, taken a few days back.

Before my trip to Hokkaido, I had shot a wedding in St Regis and was chatting with the wedding butler. She had shared that she had just done a 7 day water fast. That meant, she was only drinking water, coffee and tea (without sugar or milk. Bascially no calories). She said she felt great after the fast. Her complexion was better, she had more energy and she was slimmer. I couldnt stop rolling my eyes. I was skeptical and didn’t think too much of it til I came back from Hokkaido. I figured if I did a 2 day water fast, I would lose some weight and not hit the dreaded 100 kg. So I set about doing just that. I didn’t tell anyone about it for fear of being ridiculed and failing.
That night, while I was lying in bed, I decided to Youtube to find out more about water fasting. That’s where I discovered Intermittent Fasting, which would eventually change my life and that of some close friends around me, who were inspired and did likewise. More on that later.

Day 1
Meanwhile, I stuck to my water fast. I had a good dinner on Sunday night. knowing that I would go 48 hours without food. Monday morning was easy. I woke up later at around 10am. Then made my way to work and busied myself with work till past lunch time. I was a little hungry because of my eating habits (it was supposedly time to eat). However, after about 15 minutes or so, the hunger went away. I wasn’t hungry anymore and simply continued working. Then it was dinner time and this was the first real struggle for me. It was tempting to give in, I was tempted to reward myself for having skipped breakfast and lunch. However, it was equally motivating for me to skip it, knowing that if I skip dinner, I would go 24 hours without food! So what I did was sleep early! Ha. When I woke the next day, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment! I never imagined I could go 24 hours without food. All I did, was drink 3 litres of water and 1-2 cups of coffee and tea (no sugar and milk). I also supplement it with Apple Cider Vinegar just before I slept.

Day 2
I had the same strategy, Wake up late and skip breakfast. Lunch was a lot easier to resist. I would have skipped dinner too but we had a Lightedpixels outing that evening. We had planned to have dinner together before watching Broadway Beng. I decided to break my fast that evening (48 hours since I last ate). I also shared with the group about my fasting. I had a Lei Cha meal for dinner.

In the following days, I continued with Intermittent Fasting.

What I am about to share next is obviously my own personal experience. It is not medically verified although I have done a lot of research and spoken to a number of friends who are doctors. They agree that it is safe.

I am doing this to help those in need. I have been overweight and I have tried numerous methods to lose weight. None have been effective, except this. In the past, I have tried, Keto, Cutting Sugar and Fried Food, gone Vegan and even cut carbs off my diet. Some were effective initially. I lost weight (about 10 kg) but as soon as I stopped, the weight went right back up in a matter of days. It was crushing for the spirit. I do recognise that different diets will work for different individuals so to each his own. =)

Let me start by sharing a little more about Intermittent Fasting.

There are many ways of doing it but they all follow the same principle. A window of eating and a period of fasting. It is easy to see fasting as starving oneself. It is not. I see the fasting period, as allowing your body to reset itself and heal itself of its imbalances. I was snacking too much (every hour). What that does to the body is that every time we eat, it increases our insulin. Our blood sugar also spikes. This actually encourages you to want to eat again and the cycle continues. You also develop a resistance to a hormone called Leptin which tells your brain when you are full. Often, this resistance means you are never really full and have to keep eating. Managing your insulin levels is one of the way to reverse Leptin resistance.
Often, we look at calories when it comes to weight loss but hormones and your metabolic rate is equally important. There is almost no way to fight your hormones. Your body is always trying to save you. It is on your side. When it thinks you are losing too much weight or starving, it will fight back and encourage you to eat more to gain back the weight loss. I used to think that I have very little will power. I now understand that sometimes, there is almost nothing you can do when your hormones are not balanced and decides that you need to eat or gain weight. You will almost certainly lose the fight. As such it is very important to get your hormones in order first. I learnt that Intermittent Fasting (IF) helps, among a few other things, including enough sleep and drinking enough water. More on that later too.

Back to IF and its various forms.
The most popular is 16/8. Which means you eat within an 8 hour window and then fast for the next 16 hours. During this fasting period of 16 hours, you can drink water, coffee or tea. The coffee and tea has to be without sugar and milk. Basically there is no calories consumed during this fasting period. With that in mind, you can also take soda water and water with Apple Cider Vinegar. All these have no calories. Fruits, salads, a piece of biscuit (no matter how healthy they are, are not allowed). Basically, no calories. A popular eating window is to have breakfast at 9am, then lunch at 1pm and then an early dinner at 5pm. This keeps your meals between 8 hours. I try not to snack in between. Often, I only have 2 meals instead of 3. Usually breakfast and dinner and skip lunch. During your meal time, you can eat ANYTHING! But just keep the amount within reason for effective weight loss. I ate one portion. I normally break my fast with Chicken Rice, Bak Chor Mee, Teochew Porridge and Nasi Padang. What I love about IF is that you dont have to count calories or leave out any type of food, or prepare special food. It is cheap and it is very easy. You either eat or don’t. Critics have likened this to starving oneself. I don’t see it that way. For me, it is about allowing your body to be more aware and more disciplined when it comes to eating. Food is more readily available now than ever before. The food industry is also a powerful one. We are presented daily with tempting cheap food to snack on. This actually has adverse effects on your health and weight. We have been led to believe that it is all about the calories. Fast Food chains tell you that you just have to work out after your meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Go jog off that fries and burger that you ate. Often we don’t succeed. That’s because as mentioned earlier, hormones and your metabolic rate is also at play. 300 calories of french fries is different from 300 calories of broccoli. The reaction you get later is different. Consuming the fries, increases your insulin a lot more than the Broccoli and so too your blood sugar level. In a matter of minutes or hour, you will be faced with an urge to eat again if you had consumed the fries as compared to someone who had the Broccoli. Quite the same with Diet Coke. There is no calories. However there is a hormonal effect on your body. While there are no calories, you body reacts as if you had just consumed sugar and your blood sugar and insulin spikes. Again, you will be tempted to consume again.

That’s it for today! I have so much to share that I think it’s better to break them up into smaller parts.

I will continue tomorrow with the various IF forms and share more thoughts. I will also share more tips to help you succeed. Meanwhile, do share if you have any questions on what has been shared, I will try my best to answer them.

~ by Kelvin on July 16, 2019.

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  1. An excellent review! Congrats

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