Hello Friends!

It’s been a long while since I last blogged! As much as I love to blog and share, the past months have been insanely crazy. That and the fact that I spent more time on IG. That said, I am making a renewed effort to blog and share our experiences and images.

Life has been kind and I am extremely thankful. We are still pretty busy with shoots and that is something I have never taken for granted. We are still traveling quite a bit with destination weddings and shoots. The brand has grown. Lightedpixels now have Aloysius Lim, an old friend and a fellow Sony ambassador. We are humbled that he has decided to join us late last year.

The guys at Lightedpixels Pixies have matured as photographers and now have a strong following as well. The team dynamics is the strongest and closest we have ever had since the Pixies brand started. We have also gone into partnership with Watabe Singapore and formed Blisspixel, a photography brand that shoots primarily for couples getting married at the beautiful and iconic Chijmes Hall.

My own family has also grown! Beth and I now have 5 kids. They have been an absolute blessing.


This image was taken during a shoot with Mini Singapore at the estate that the studio is based in – Wessex Estate. I am also reminded that next year will be our 10th year here in the estate! How amazing is that? I still love the estate as much as I did when we first moved here. There is a quiet charm about the place. It allows you to live your life at the pace you choose. The sounds of birds and crickets aren’t drowned out by the traffic or the city. It is still peaceful despite the recent developments in the estate.

We used to live here too but moved out 3 years ago when Beth and I couldn’t stop having kids. We eventually ran out of rooms for the kiddos. We still miss the estate but the new place is a lot bigger and that helps.

Moving forward, we have new plans for Lightedpixels which we will share that in a bit! And we will almost certainly have a huge 10th year at Wessex anniversary bash next year.

Talk soon!



~ by Kelvin on July 4, 2018.

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