Renewing my love for Santorini

Sunset in Santorini

Once again I am back in Santorini and for now I am very much still in love with the island.

It’s really not that hard.

When I first came to Santorini a few years back, it was quite a charming picturesque place for my family and me. It was pretty but a little too touristy for me. There were hordes of tourists in Oia and Fira especially in the afternoon. Then two years ago, I decided to stay on the lower plains. I didn’t think it was going to be great truthfully but I was bored with staying on top of Oia and it was tiring lugging my camera gears all around. Besides, the view, while inspiring, was perhaps something I could live without while shooting in Santorini. I figured I could always drive up to see the views if I wanted. Ha.

Here are some information and images to share about my stay in Santorini.


This is where I stay now. Pelagos in Oia. It is family run and the staff and owner here is genuinely friendly and warm. I have had many a great conversations with them. =) They also have an amazing pool.


Greek Meal

The food here is also pretty good. It is home cooked and a lot nicer than most of the restaurants I have gone to on the island. That said, the best restaurant here has to be Anogi in Immerovigli. You have to have a meal there if you are on the island. The only downside is that everything else will pale in comparison there after. Makes it a good reason to stay in Immerovigli. =)

11198559_10152920453247734_1286796902_n 11208835_10152920452727734_2075966997_n

This is probably their best dish. I cannot remember the name of the dish but its the last item on the main course list in the menu. Seafood pasta rice. Absolutely heavenly. This coming from someone who doesn’t quite take seafood.


This was my first shoot in Santorini – with Kevin and Olivia. A very funky and fun loving couple. Their choice of outfits made it pretty interesting for me to shoot. She had two pretty sexy gowns from Ted Wu and Kevin had two Dsquared suits. As always, we also had a dog followed us for our shoot. This seems to happen alot. Every year without fail when I am shooting in Oia, there will be a stray dog following us. =)


The amazing view of Oia.


The amazing panoramic view from the couple’s suite.


Besides dogs, Santorini is actually quite famous for their cats. There is always a number of cats roaming around on the island.




sunset Pyrgos

Sunset in Pyrgos

The legendary sunset of Santorini. It is probably the best place in the world to view a sunset. =)

Kelvin in the bush

Thats me like a stalking cat! Haha

Kevin Olivia Sant

And finally a shot of the lovely couple, Kevin and Olivia, perched on a rooftop. =)

I am only halfway through my trip and there are alot more places and images to share especially the beaches! There are three iconic beaches here in Santorini – the white beach, the red beach and the black beach. They are only missing an Asian beach. =P

I got to run now. Will update really soon with more images from our shoots too.

~ by Kelvin on May 6, 2015.

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