What happens when it rains in Paris during a shoot?

There are two things that are pretty incredible about this post. Ha!

The first is that for the first time in between having two more kids, I actually have a consecutive blog post! The second being that this shoot was done mostly in the rain in Paris.

Very often, I have been asked by couples who travel with us for destination shoots, what happens when it rains? Well, we almost always provide a spare day, there is that odd occasion when for some reason or another, we do not have a spare day. Then, there are couples who choose to simply shoot in the rain! =)

“Actually, … Paris is the most beautiful in the rain”, Gabrielle, Midnight in Paris

I find the rain most romantic and it has often been commented that there is nothing like kissing in the rain in Paris. At the very least, I have seen many couples do that in Paris (outside of a photo shoot that is! Haha)


Everything becomes richer with the rain. It is also a lot more atmospheric.


The belting rain couldn’t stop us. =)

The rain also meant that most of the tourists were nowhere to be seen.




And eventually, the sun would return and shine again.


~ by Kelvin on April 24, 2015.

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