Shooting with Connie

I first got to know Connie about 4 years back. All I knew back then was that she was a student from Melbourne, who was very much into photography, fashion and blogging. A couple of years later, I managed to meet up with her for the first time when I went over to Melbourne for shoots. We had tea and what impressed me most then was how sweet and down-to-earth this little girl was. Haha. It felt almost right away like we were long time friends. We kept in touch and earlier this year, we finally managed to meet up again, which was amazing given both our busy schedules. I even managed a couple of days with her this time round and we actually had the opportunity to do a shoot. She is still very much the same old sweet down-to-earth girl. In fact, she is actually quite funny! It was also her, over tea (again) who suggested I start an Instagram page for Lightedpixels and more importantly she insisted and made sure i got it up and running right away! Ok. On to the photo shoot. I am very excited about these images especially since they have been a few years in the making! Connie makes her own hairpieces and sells them on etsy too ( The hairpieces here are all her creation. You can check out the images from the link below.

~ by Kelvin on July 11, 2014.

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