Review of Canon’s Pixma Pro 1 Printer

Review of Canon's Pixma Pro 1 Printer

I have been using Canon cameras to photograph but I have never quite tried out any of their professional series printers. Recently, Canon contacted me to invite me to try out the Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer. I was pleasantly surprise and couldn’t wait to get down to trying it out.

I am not a very technical person. It’s quite the same way with my photography. It’s always about the feel of the image, the end product. Technical skills are required to get certain things done but i have consciously made an attempt to not let it be a top most priority in my photography. Likewise, with the printer, I was initially abit apprehensive as I went about trying to get my prints out. Would it be too complicated to use? I started off with using the default settings and set the print quality to fine, which meant it would print it’s default best but the trade off is that it would take longer. I was okay with that. I had time on my side and it was a lot more important to me that the print turned out accurately in terms of the color reproduction. The image had to be printed out the way I would have envisioned it when I shot it.

When the first print came out, everyone in the studio was awestruck. The print was beautiful and the amazing bit was that it was so easy to get it printed.

I look forward to exploring the printer more. It seems like we have only scratched the surface and the print quality is already pretty impressive.

Meanwhile here is the article on my review and a link for a larger image (


~ by Kelvin on April 26, 2014.

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