Being Alive

Hello dear friends.

It’s been almost a year since our last blog entry.

I wish I could blog and share my thoughts more – primarily because this is very much a diary of sorts for me (and perhaps for my children in the future). I enjoy looking back and reading past entries. It brings back such great memories and provides a compass and a reminder of who I am and where I am headed.

The past year has been another good year of growth, both personally for me and for Lightedpixels. Work-wise, all the usual suspects (meaning our staff) are still around. =) Business isn’t any better or worse (Growth doesn’t have to mean more sign ups). We still work very hard and are very passionate in what we do. We still get alot of amazing couples to work with – and for that, we are very thankful. Obviously, there has also been challenges but thankfully, so far, there’s nothing we cannot handle.

With regards to success, it is actually a lot harder to define it than most would think. Are we better of now than a year ago because we have more jobs or should it rather be better if we had lesser jobs but more time with our loved ones? What about our rates? Does increasing rates charged for our services indicate that we are on the up? What about awards? Does it matter if we have received more or lesser than the previous year? I have a simpler way to define success and it’s measured by how much you have grown as a person, in your thoughts, empathy and also quite simply, how happy you are. If I sound all zen-like and such, you have to forgive me. I am approaching 40 and that can induce a lot of self reflecting! 

Ok. Let’s move on to this image. 

It was an emotional moment not just for Jacqueline and Hongzhou but also for myself.

It was a sharing of thoughts between the couple. I do not know what was shared but it doesn’t matter. As I shot the image, I teared as I felt the love in each drop of tear that has fallen. Whatever was shared by Hongzhou to his beloved Jacqueline, it must have been beautiful.

I have always been drawn to tears as much as I am to laughter and joy. Happy moments are great and uplifting but emotional ones touch me a great deal too. They are as inspiring to me as a happy joyous smile or laughter ( I am looking at a picture of my eldest daughter laughing at me when she was two and it just made me smile =) ). However, I believe that we can only truly feel for another if we are able to go deep within and empathise with the person or situation. 

When we tear, we are most alive.

You are never more conscious than you are at the moment of tearing, of how loved you are or how afraid you might be of losing someone, who matters so much to you. To be able to share that with someone else, is a great gift for both. You can never truly love someone till you allow yourself to be vulnerable to the person. 

If you have any thoughts you would like to share about emotions or defining success, I would dearly like to hear from you.






~ by Kelvin on April 22, 2014.

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