Mid point of the great European Tour of 2013 ~ Kelvin

Mid point of the great European Tour of 2013 ~ Kelvin

I am about midway through my 5 cities European tour. =)

I am presently in Brighton. I have heard so much about this city since I was a little boy. If you are wondering why in the world? It’s actually very simple and a little embarrassing. Hahah. I support Southampton Football Club! From my manic die hard support, I have come to realise that Portsmouth, Brighton and Bournemouth are really close to the Saints and are local rivals. I have also heard from many that it is a beautiful seaside town.

Carole and Edwin contacted me about a year back to ask if I could shoot their pre-wedding. When they mentioned London and Brighton, I was thrilled! Hahah. I have always loved London but Brighton is a great bonus! =)

We arrived in Brighton about two days ago and it was a cold foggy day. I absolutely loved it. It was surreal and the beach is a pebbled beach and if you see the pebbles, you can’t help but wonder if ALL the pebbles in the world have been transported to here? It’s just that much pebbles here.

It has a lovely pier and a ferris wheel along the beach and that hints of a more carnival like atmosphere (prob in summer). For now, the crowds aren’t here yet, and so we have almost the whole beach side area to ourselves. =)

We have had some wonderful images taken here yesterday and here is one that I really like. It’s taken at the Royal Pavilion. It really stands out in the city. It’s beautiful, majestic and quite unreal (in an English seaside town). It looks like a palace somewhere in India instead.

I will hope to share more images as well as share more of my experiences in Holland and London.

For now, I am packing up and checking out.

Next stop – Southampton! Hahahah



~ by Kelvin on April 25, 2013.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying our city. We always read blogs about Brighton with trepidation as its not everyones cup of tea but its a brilliant, fantastic creative place and has lots to explore as we hope you find out!

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