Lightedpixels Videography

This is probably the worst kept secret in Lightedpixels history. A number of you might already know that we have had a highly talented award winning videography team with us for the past two years. However, we are only officially announcing Shiwei and his team today. Now why have we waited two whole years? =) More on that later.

Lightedpixels started off as a photography studio and we are still very much passionate about our photography. 

Over the years, we have had opportunities and requests from videographers to join or merge with us to provide couples with the option of hiring a videographer with us. I have entertained that thought from about 6 years back but i didn’t want a videography team just for the sake of having a team in place to provide convenience for couples who might like to have both services for their wedding.

I also didn’t want a videography team that would simply complement our photography services. If ever a videography team was going to join us, they were going to strive to be a successful and accomplished team in their own right and not just leveraging on the brand name. A team that would be our equal.

I think myself and the rest of the team here at Lightedpixels also wanted someone who understood what we stood for – creating new and real meaningful memories and getting inspired by the relationships that we are capturing.

I first got to know Shiwei through the guys at Love Bonito. I saw one of his videos which he did for them and it was lovely. It made me stop what I was doing and move back to the start of the video just to see who created the video. Subsequently, Rachel introduced us and the rest, well it’s what it is today. =) He was a big fan of what we do and likewise we loved his videos.

Shiwei joined us in July 2011 and on his own, he and his team has completed more than 100 weddings a year. All this was done without any publicity from Lightedpixels. Obviously, we are encouraged but honestly, it also gave us lesser initiative to push ahead since bookings were really healthy. However, that obviously wasn’t going to be a long term arrangement and we always planned to introduced him as part of the team. The original plan was to launch him with our new website. However, we decided to re-do the new website. (That is another entry in itself cause we are very excited about our new website, a first in more than 5 years.) So that got delayed. 

Eventually, we decided on today as we are about to embark on our trip to Japan for this season’s cherry blossom shoots. For the Kyoto shoots. we have introduced an option where the whole team shoots for the couple. Alwin, Shiwei and myself. Actually, even our make-up artist, Chie, is with us. It was the same team last year and those who follow us closely, realised through our postings that we had a mystery guest with us during the shoot. That guest was Shiwei. =0

With Shiwei and his team, we can assure you that you would get no less commitment and passion as you would with us. A number of our couples have shot with him both for their pre-wedding videos and wedding day videos. Some have also shot with him at various international destinations and I am sure all would agree that he works the hardest among us! =)

Over the next few days and weeks, you will be seeing more of his works and hearing more from him and about him. We will be uploading the video shortly on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.






~ by Kelvin on March 29, 2013.

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