I Am Glad We Chose Budapest

I am at the Budapest International Airport awaiting my flight back to Singapore. I have been here for close to 6 days and looking back I am glad we decided to shoot here.

Audrey and Joses came to me about a year back to book me for an overseas bridal shoot in Europe. However, unlike all previous bookings with other couples, they left the location open. They only wanted a shoot in Europe in a city I have not shot before. I was given the choice to pick which city to shoot in. It may not sound very much but I was personally very thankful for this. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy shooting in Paris, Prague, London and the other popular European cities. Paris, I would regard very much as my third or fourth home. I know it’s wrong but honestly I visit Paris more often then some of my friends and relatives here in Singapore. I have also gotten to know some of the locals really well and they have always been welcoming when they see me again. It makes traveling a little easier. I was also thankful of the trust and freedom given by Audrey and Joses. It’s not cheap to fly out for a shoot so to give up that choice of a city and leave it to me knowing I have never been to the city is a brave decision to me.

That said, there are many other cities I have been fascinated with. Among them, Budapest, St Petersburg, some cities in the Scandinavian region and the coastal cities of Croatia. In the end, I chose Budapest. I have never been to Budapest and that made it all the more exciting for me. I did my research through the Internet and asked around among friends and relatives and all agreed that it would be a fantastic place for a bridal shoot.

On the net, Budapest have been described as a mix between Paris and Vienna. Yes it definitely has elements of both. It is also not unlike Prague, where I have shot quite a number of times now. It’s just as pretty, fairy-tale like and romantic. However, as always, it’s in the details where we see the differences.

Budapest, unfortunately, economically wise, has been in the doldrums. I haven’t read up much but from my conversations with the locals, I think Hungary is suffering as a nation economically. The unemployment rate is high and the local wages aren’t exactly high. On the ground, it translates to buildings that are not as well maintained as those in Paris or Prague. There’s definitely beauty in them but u have to see past the falling bricks and peeling paint. True beauty however isn’t something that can be easily hid. Despite the shabby shape the buildings and monuments are in, it is still evident that this is a beautiful city and it is quite obvious of the power it once was.

For the first time ever too, I actually have a crush on a building! The Parliament House is an absolute beauty! I have been around to many cities and seen numerous iconic buildings but the Parliament House here must rank among the top. Every time I look at it, I am mesmerise. I am typing this entry on my iPhone. I will try and get u guys a link when I am back home! Or u can google it! =)

Back to the difference between Prague and Budapest, the two cities I shot in this trip. Budapest seemed to lean towards being a little more goth. There are also slightly more locations to shoot in Budapest and a slightly greater variety as well. Besides the beautiful buildings, castles and streets, there are also a number of Roman ruins strewn across the city. There’s also a small little old town, Szentendre that’s about 20km north of Budapest. It was really cold for us to explore but I am sure in spring or summer, it would be likely to visit.

Ok spring or summer might prove a little more sane to come to Budapest for your images but fortune favors the brave and good unique images favor the brave too! A winter shoot in Budapest would no doubt reward you with images you can talk about and be wowed at for now and years to come. You are making new memories and a snow capped Budapest, making the city even more magical than it already is, makes for an excellent backdrop. So if you are ever thinking of coming here for a shoot, do consider the winter season. I know I will be recommending that to my couples! =)

~ by Kelvin on March 20, 2013.

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