A surprising winter shoot in Prague

Greetings from Prague. It’s been quite surprising for me and Shiwei, who is here to do up a video for our dear couple Nicholas and Jiahui. We never expected it to be this cold! In fact, Shiwei boarded his flight in slippers and a tee in Singapore. The Czechs who were on the same flight as him probably didn’t know to laugh or be sorry for him. That said, the weather is at a freaky -7 to 1 degrees on these two days we have been here. It shouldn’t be this cold in mid march. When we were here in march the last time round, it was 5-12 degrees.

This freezing temperature makes shooting a little more challenging cause besides the couple, Shiwei and myself are actually quietly suffering too. Everything has to be done on the double. Haha. That said, we are still pretty excited by the shoot cause we both have never shot in snowy conditions. Us two being equator guys, snow naturally becomes a big deal for us! =)

One way to get over this all I budding winter wedding shooters, is to take constant coffee/hot soup breaks. We take breaks every 1-2 hours just so the couple and us can warm up. Also alcohol doesn’t really count. It actually does more harm than good even in these conditions.

I am now in the hotel lobby awaiting my train ride into Budapest tonight. The weather is colder there so says the weather forecast. It’s suppose to go as low as -9 degrees. I am not really thinking about it cause it’s nice warm and cozy here in the lobby. Any thought of the wintery conditions can actually send a chill down my spine and I do not want to spoil the comfort I am in.

Tonight’s train ride into Budapest is an 8.5 hours ride and we booked ourselves sleepers. I have never taken a sleeper ride so I am really looking forward to it!!

For all u couples or photographers who are reading this, here are some of my experiences to share while shooting here.

1. Bring good warm clothings. Good thermals make a whole lot of difference. I am wearing the uniqlo heat tech thermals but I don’t think they keep u as warm as the 100% pure merino wool ones. I know u can’t really compare the two but my point is really to invest in a good set of thermals. I value comfort when I shoot and I think u should too!

2. Get a good pair of walking shoes. Better if its waterproof! I wore leather boots and boy did my toes suffer!

3. Wear thermals under your gown and wear boots. Walking around in heels look ridiculous and it makes it so much easier for your toes to drop off.

4. Bring heat packs. I love putting them against my cheeks.

5. Get a decent hotel with a good heater system. You don’t want to go back after the end of a hard cold days work into a cold room. Depressing.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you have questions, feel free to message me. =)

Brrrrr! Bye!



~ by Kelvin on March 14, 2013.

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