A New Beginning

A New Beginning - Lightedpixels Hair and Makeup

Hello dear friends.

It’s been quite a while – almost 4 years actually since I was actively blogging. Let me begin by clarifying once again, that I prefer shooting rather than writing! Ha. I am a photographer first and foremost so do bear with my blogging. It’s nowhere near as good as my images!

Ok. Quite obviously, a lot has changed – both in my personal/family life as well as with Lightedpixels. In fact, more changes are to come! But no, in case you were wondering, Beth and I are not having another kid. We have three and that’s pretty good (for now). Ha. These changes (and development) are mainly where Lightedpixels are concerned. It is an exciting period and now is also a good time to take stock and reconnect with all of you who are still keen on reading the ramblings of a wedding and portrait photographer. There is still a lot that I would love to share with you guys.

The past 3 years have been massive for me. On the home front, I now have 3 kids. They have been amazing. They are very much the joy and inspiration to life for my wife and myself.

Personally, I am still every bit as passionate about photography as I was. I still look forward to my shoots and meeting new people. I am blessed and encouraged tremendously by the amazing relationship we have with our couples. It is fuel to me. It drives me on and keeps me going.

Photography-wise, there is still so much to explore and learn. Not so much the technical bit but the softer side of photography. Gong forward, I think the main challenge for photography is in capturing meaningful, sincere and real images which tell us a little (or a whole lot) more about the subject you are shooting. The easy accessibility to a camera (especially with the number of smartphones we use nowadays), has made it a lot easier for everyone to snap an image. The irony behind that though is that very often an image is captured quite simply for the sake of taking an image. While I agree that there is a place for that in today’s photography world, I also feel that it will make it a lot harder for both the subject and the photographer when they eventually do want a meaningful image of their love ones or themselves. It makes it tougher going beyond the superficial. More on this in a later post I think.

A few friends recently have taken ill or even pass on. That has also played a big part in my approach to life. I am constantly reminded how delicate life is and am trying my best to live life meaningfully and do the things which matter to me most and cut out any that is just waste.

Now (finally) the bit about Lightedpixels.

I started Lightedpixels about 7 years ago (Jul 2006). The brand name is about 3 years older. I never expected what we have today! That said, every decision made along the way was a considered one. So now, besides photography, we have a team of videographers with us. Shiwei and his team has been with us for the past two years and even though we haven’t officially announced it, he and his team have been receiving more bookings than they can cope with – so, that’s good for them. I will definitely be blogging more about them on a separate post. Hey, he might even blog himself! =)

We now also have a hair and make up artist, Chie. I first got to know her when I shot in Kyoto about 6 years back. I remember being very impressed with her disposition and her service. She has a very good heart. All these I gathered in the first year of knowing her and the best bit was that I couldn’t speak a word of Japanese and she couldn’t speak a word of English! Haha! Just goes to show that we can always connect on a level closer to your heart and language is never a barrier. All our couples who shot in Kyoto, with Chie and us, loved her. In fact, on a couple of occasions, there were tears shed when it’s time to leave. Personally, for me, it was amazing. I have never seen that anywhere in the world where I have shot in (the tearing). I have worked with numerous hair and make up artists around the world but she is special. =)

What I did next was to convince her to move to Singapore. Ha. And that she did last September, after much persuasion! It’s a huge step for her – uprooting her life and moving here. That said, we do have an amazing Japanese intern, Maiko, who has settled in really well and who will no doubt help Chie to settle in.

The Lightedpixels Pixies, our sister company, are very much going strong and are pretty much established. They have been a really good complement to what we do.

Lastly, Alwin has grown in to an amazingly talented photographer and is engaged to Chie! Good for you my friend!

Going forward, there are a few more major changes to our set up and I look forward to sharing them with you. =)



~ by Kelvin on March 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. Hi Kelvin, thanks for sharing about the journey of LightedPixels. I have been seeing all the pictures being uploaded on the FB fan page since me and Alwin has been connected. I was astonished by the passion and dedication of photography shown in the pictures. It’s truly a meaningful journey and I hope to pick up more tips from your professionalism. Thanks and all the best in whatever you do. Your team is awesome… treasure them 🙂

  2. We are looking forward to our shoot in April! 😀

  3. congrate….=)…

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