2012 Travel Dates for Photography Shoots

Hot off the planning oven!!


Thank you for being patient too! For those who have been asking, we have finally done up the travel plans for 2012!


There are a number of new destinations that we look to get inspired by and a number of familiar ones that we look forward to returning to! In addition, come 01 October, we will announce a very special package for our Kyoto trip in April! =)


If there is a city or location that you would love to explore, please do not hesitate to share with us and we will definitely try and work around the location.


Meanwhile, here are the dates!


Jan 2012


Early Jan ~ Melbourne

Mid Jan ~ Bali


Feb 2012


Late Feb to Early March ~ Paris


April 2012


Early April ~ Kyoto

Mid April ~ Shanghai


May 2012




(Both dates to be confirmed)


July 2012


New York/Los Angeles/San Deigo


August 2012




St Petersburg



September 2012


New York


In addition, we fly to regional cities like Bali, Phuket, Krabi quite regulalry. Do email us for more details! info@lightedpixels.com or call us at 6474 6556. We look forward to hearing from you! =)


On a final not, there are limited places for each location so do email early whenever possible.




All of us here at Lightedpixels

~ by toughtomato on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “2012 Travel Dates for Photography Shoots”

  1. Dear all in Lightedpixel,

    have been following all your latest posts and photos. Admirable work !! Thank you so much for bringing the best of London and Europe to us through your lens. !

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