Celebrating the love of Ling & Jeff ~ Kelvin

I knew Ling from about 6 years back when she first started as an actress with our local media group, Mediacorp. I was shooting for a magazine and she was the cover girl! Haha… Even then, I thought she had such a radiant smile and disposition.

When Ling contacted me informing me of her upcoming wedding, I was pleasantly surprised! We haven’t quite kept in touch but even then, I remember the warm and loving person that she is.

I met Jeff when they came to see me regarding a shoot in Paris and it wasn’t difficult to tell how much in love they are and what a nice guy Jeff is. =) The shoot in Paris was alot of fun and it was so easy shooting them. =)




I have probably said it before but the light in Paris is just go gorgeous! Especially the evening light! Sunset there takes about 45 mins. Here, its all over in 15 mins. Ha


A little girl and her sister looking on. =)














~ by Kelvin on July 7, 2011.

7 Responses to “Celebrating the love of Ling & Jeff ~ Kelvin”

  1. Kelvin, your photos are breath-taking!!!

  2. a beautiful pair with a good photographer 🙂

  3. Hi thr I’m frm Sabah n wondering ur package pre wedding at Singapore. How can I PM u? Reply me at FB or my mail violet_jane7@yahoo.com

  4. hello can i check if your prices include the makeup and hairstyling? and is it possible to divulge the identities of the makeup artist and hairstylist for this shoot? thanks much!

  5. stunning images..got to love paris

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