“Perfection in imperfection, Imperfection in perfection” ~ 2am:dessertbar’s debut recipe book

We are extremely happy and delighted to be able to share this with all of you.

In many ways, this is a first for us all. Janice Wong, who owns and runs the very creative and successful 2am:dessertbar in Holland Village has published her very first recipe book, offering all of us an insight into how she prepares her dishes and more importantly her thoughts on desserts and cooking.

She first approached me with her idea about 3 months ago and I was truly excited to be given this opportunity to work with her. I consider her a dear friend and I understand what this means to her. Janice is a lot about and for giving. She shares what she learns and she is excited about it. Art plays a big part in her life and her dishes represents that. However, more than that, she incorporates art into many other aspects of her work and her life, like loving to paint and using her paintings as settings for her desserts.

This book is also a first for me and I would have never imagined my first photo book to be one of a recipe book. I always love shooting living beings and this was quite a step away. However, knowing Janice and understanding her, I truly see life and movement in her works. Besides, we agreed that the dishes would be real and as they are, free from anything artificial and that I meant I could sample the desserts as I shoot! Ha. Although not a deal clincher, it was a very tempting bonus.

The entire shooting process was fun and enriching for me and my assistants. Janice allowed full creative expression for the photography. Zaphs helped in almost all the shoots and Ileana came in to assist me too. Without the two of them, this would be a whole lot more difficult.

The book will be launched in late August. We will update with more information really soon but meanwhile if you are interested, especially if you are a foodie and a photography enthusiast, do email us or 2am:dessertbar janice@2amlab.org.

Meanwhile, here is a copy of the pre-launch booklet, entitled “Blind”, that was distributed in Europe last month as part of her demonstration tour.

~ Kelvin

*images by Ileana




~ by Kelvin on July 4, 2011.

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