The Exclusive Lightedpixels Wessex Series Albums

We are extremely excited to announce a new series of albums we have just created! We have named this series after the estate our studio is in, Wessex. It’s a premium range of albums that come with a beautiful distressed leather cover with the Lightedpixels Logo burned in. The couple’s name is hot stamped in gold ink. Besides the cover, the pages inside (and the images, Ahem!) are to drool for! Ha.

They come in special matt board pages with metallic prints. These metallic prints in color or black and white, are absolutely eye catching! The images actually appear a lot brighter and sharper!

That’s not all, the album comes with multi-fold pages! This has got to be one of the nicest albums in terms or design and quality, we have ever made!

It is available now after months of planning. Do ask us about it when you meet up with us!


Really old school and classical. It smells great too!! =)


Images from Serene and Edmund’s shoot in Paris!





Multi-Fold Pages! We love these!! Action, sequence frames do very well in these! Collection of grooms men and bridesmaids too!!



~ by Kelvin on April 11, 2011.

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