Prague, Winter/Spring 2011 ~ Kelvin

I have just gotten back from my shoot in Prague and it was such an enjoyable experience. Beth and I headed for England a week earlier before ending up in Prague. We visited Cornwall, Southampton and Bath. All very beautiful places.

We then met up with Rachel and Bryan in Prague! Their best buddies, Fred and Vel, accompanied us for the trip and we couldn’t have asked for better company! What is more amazing to me is that Rach, Vel and Fred are partners in a local blog shop, that is pretty popular! They have great clothing lines so here’s a little plug for them!

Beth and I arrived two days before the shoots and we booked ourselves a segway tour of the city! It was one of the best decisions ever made! It was so fun! The segway is really intuitive. There are no throttle nor buttons or pedals to step on or push. You just lean forward to go forward and lean back to stop or reverse. Pull to the right to turn right, and pull left for left. Brilliant. I should seriously start considering buying a couple for ourselves! =)

Back to the shoot! Ha…

Rachel and Bryan first approached me  a few months back. They very much wanted a shoot in Europe and originally, we had planned to shoot in Paris. Later on in the discussion, they wanted to know if I was heading anywhere new and I suggested Prague! I have very much wanted to shoot in Prague cause I have read and heard so such about the beauty of the place. It’s actually quite amazing how we have never shot there before especially when you consider the fact that I have shot in Europe on numerous occasions. Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, Santorini… They promptly decided to head to Prague with me, knowing that I have never even been there! Ha… thanks guys!

So, it was with lots of excitement and inevitably some fear (of the unknown) that I headed to Prague.

Here are some images to share…

Rachel and Bryan on Charles bridge… a brilliant start to the day! We had two days of very good weather. =)

The early morning is pretty misty/foggy and it creates such a nice warm romantic feel. It also makes it slightly mysterious.

It’s quite surreal really. I love the colors, the quietness of the moment, and it helps in staying in the moment with Rachel and Bryan.

I love this image!

This provided such a gorgeous view of Prague! That’s Prague castle in the background!

On the second day of shoot, we incorporated the Segways for our shoot! =)

Off we go!! =)

The ever smiley Fred…

Vel, who is very much Rach’s bff. =) They were gonna take a picture together but Rach somehow still wasn’t controlling her Segway well on a slope and scooted away! It was pretty funny…and comical. ha

What better was to view the Old town than with your love.

More images from our shoot in Prague on our Facebook page!



~ by Kelvin on March 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Prague, Winter/Spring 2011 ~ Kelvin”

  1. Hi there,

    I’d like to enquire regarding your package prices for oversea shoot.


  2. Hi, there. I am looking for a picture of segway in prague and like your picture – you 4 in the park on segway. I need it for my website – I would make it into on of those six bpxes on the homepae meaning the picture would be very small and your faces would not be recognizable. Let me know if you are interested. Jay Pesta

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