Red Wagon Day ~ Kelvin

We got ourselves some really cool toys from Radio Flyer last weekend. Part of the excuse reason was that we will be using them for photo shoots, especially for kids shoot! Yesterday, we took the toys out for a spin with Kyra, Nessya and our friends Adrian, Frances and their kids, Emma and Elijah. The red wagon was by far the most popular among the kids… and adults.

Little Nessie decided she is a scooter girl!

Kyra was either headbutting EJ or trying to kiss him… either way, he don’t look too excited.

Adrian going cross terrain with the kids… ok ok… it’s just 1m off the road but it’s still cross terrain.

EJ listening to Kyra’s argument as to why he should share his Milo Pops with her.

Zaphs and Kailian came along for the ride too… at times, literally.

The ultra cool Red Tricycle. If I was smaller (and I mean much smaller), I would be zipping around all day around Wessex Estate in this. Love the frillies on the handles!

The equally uber cool Scooter. Elly from Pocoyo goes around in one… so does Kyra.

Zaphs and Kailian showing us just how child-like they are.

Nessya was infatuated with Emma whom she calls AhhMa. She was generous with her kisses and show of affections.

Nessya was the first on the Red Wagon… and also the first off! =)

The real kids from Lightedpixels…

~ by Kelvin on January 7, 2011.

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