Alwin Appreciation Month(s)!

Christmas is around the corner and we have decided between Alwin, Beth and myself to declare this period, Alwin Appreciation Month(s), on top of the festive celebration. This is to celebrate the guy who has lived his passion, quietly winning his awards and a great friend and buddy to us all. He has also somehow been getting more and more popular with the girls. His one true flaw in our humble opinion is not his devotion to Sony… but his aversion to Whiskey, the drink and not the dog. Alwin, in turn, would like to extend his appreciation to his couples! He has, however, promised us our Christmas presents at the very least. Hence, for this month and next, Alwin is offering new sign-up couples 2 complimentary hours for a full day sign up (8 hours or more), 10 additional images for a 6 hour Pre-wedding Portrait session and a whopping $1000 discount if you sign up both Pre-Wedding and Wedding day photography with him. Do email us at to book and for more information.  Have a great evening guys. =0 Warmest Kelvin

~ by Kelvin on December 15, 2010.

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