Celebrating Janice and Kenneth! ~ Kelvin

Here are a set of images from dear Janice and Kenneth’s wedding celebration at the beautiful Capella resort. It was an amazing celebration with some really happening dancing at the end! They also have an awesome bunch of friends, who shared with me so much about the couple and themselves. I am sincerely thankful to be a part of it all! =)

Word has it that she has hundreds of these monkeys. =)

~ by Kelvin on June 25, 2010.

One Response to “Celebrating Janice and Kenneth! ~ Kelvin”

  1. I really like your photography Kelvin. I was at a wedding dinner recently. My photos didn’t turn out professional looking. I was using D90 18mm – 105mm lens. I disappointed my wedding friend. We can’t go back to the past to re-shoot 😦 I was using P mode too. I’m afraid that if I were to use manual mode, I might waste time doing adjustment to suit different lighting condition. Please advise. Thank you. You can choose to contact me at angkokweng@yahoo.com to answer me privately.

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