Paris Photoshoots in August 2010 with Alwin, Kelvin and Samantha ~ Kelvin

My first visit to Paris for a bridal shoot, about 4 years back, left deep and warm memories for me. Ever since, I have been returning to Paris about 2-3 times every year. Every trip has never failed to disappoint. Besides the wonderful locations and deep history behind the city, being so far away from home also helps us build better bonds between the couples and myself. I have just recently returned from Paris and the images from this post are from the trip. I had Ingrid and Chandra with me on this trip and it was quite an eventful day for us all. Lots of fun and discovering of new locations to shoot within the city.

This August, Alwin, Samantha, a couple of friends, including Jacquelyn Law (our makeup artist) and myself, will be heading to Paris again! We will be there from 10 Aug to 23 Aug and we have 4 couples joining us for this trip and we still have limited places, as both Alwin and Samantha will be doing shoots too! We have built up a network of close working partners in Paris. Besides, an excellent makeup artist, we have a really pleasant and knowledgeable driver that we work with, and he speaks Mandarin and Hokkien (and he is Parisian!) We are also very familiar with the locations and some of the hotels within Paris. Do email us at or Sam at Looking forward to hearing from you!

~ by Kelvin on June 21, 2010.

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