Love Changes Everything ~ Kelvin

I am reading Daniel Gottlieb’s “Learning from the Heart”. I am only at chapter one but already, I can’t help but feel a connection with what he is sharing. His words are simple yet profound. Here’s an exerpt to share with all.


Andrew Lloyd Webber got it right when he said, “Love changes everything”. Whether its love given and recieved or love promised and betrayed – whichever way you examine it- love changes everything. And no love is more profound than pure, openhearted selfless love.

The best example of this love is when we see our child for the first time. Our heart is fully open, and it feels as if all the love we have ever felt or could feel is happening to us right now. Almost all parents, at that moment, make a solemn promise to love and protect the child from harm forever.

It is that promise that gets us in trouble. Because of our natural desire to protect our children, we develop anxiety. We are more vigilant about potential dangers in our children’s surroundings and sometimes worry about their every move. That’s adaptive. Children wouldn’t survive without it. We worry because we adore our children. But when we are worrying, we cannot feel our adoration. And so it goes – as our children gets bigger, the anxiety gets bigger, while our ability to feel that great openhearted selfless love gets smaller. It’s still in there, but we can’t access it as easily.

… it seems as if the more we let go, the more we experience love. Love is beyond everything else – anxiety, desire, hope, resentment. Love is openhearted, demands nothing, and needs nothing. It is more likely to visit when our desires are quiet, when we don’t need or want much, and when we accept that everything we love is not permanent but is with us at this very moment.

… And because I realised the fragility of life, that moment felt perfect. And I was grateful. I felt love.

~ Daniel Gottlieb


I wish you love and that it comes to you too.



~ by Kelvin on June 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Love Changes Everything ~ Kelvin”

  1. This is so sweet… I always think the love of parents… mother especially is the greatest and purest love of all… and thank God that I have the opportunity to receive and give the love… =)

  2. sorry, this has no relation to your post but i just came across your website and I love the song that was played. May I know what is the song title/singer and where can I get this song? thanks.

    • Hi Ming, it’s called “All Over Again”. It’s an original composition by two dear friends of mine. They haven’t release the song for sale as of yet. If you would like, I can keep you updated.

  3. Hi Kelvin, please let me know when they release the song and I hope it’s soon. It is a beautiful song. thanks.

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