Introducing The Pixies!

We have been blessed with a tightly knit group of photographers and support help here at Lightedpixels. Over the past year, Kai Lian, Xiao Ting and Samantha, together with Beth, Alwin and myself have worked and grown together as a team. Our personal triumphs were punctuated with difficulties. However, it’s amazing how everyone have stuck out for one another in both good times and challenging ones.

Alwin and myself have been the principal photographers at Lightedpixels and we are supported by Beth, who manages the business. Kai Lian, Ting and Sam, who joined us a little later, have always been passionate about their photography and they joined Lightedpixels with the intention of being photographers themselves. When they first came to us, I was drawn to their passion for photography, the images they were producing and their personality. Besides, they could laugh along with us and more importantly laugh at themselves. Not a day goes by in the studio without laughter. =)

The girls spent their initial time with us, assisting Alwin and myself, during our shoots. In addition, they also helped us with the graphic works, slide shows and album creation. Lately, they started shooting as lead photographers and have been producing images which have impressed both Alwin and myself.

Today, we are excited and extremely happy to see them leave us to form LIGHTEDPIXELS PIXIES.

Lightedpixels Pixies is a newly formed sister brand of Lightedpixels. The Pixies comprise of Kai Lian, Xiao Ting and Samantha. They are the main photographers.  They will continue to be under the mentorship of Lightedpixels and will continue to work closely with us. They share the same resources and studio space. Being new to the world of wedding photography, the Pixies are heady with fresh ideas and inspiration. They also come in with a cheaper price point, but having been with Lightedpixels, they are confident of working their magic for your wedding, whatever the scale.  You can book them individually or as a team of 2 or even 3.

It is our personal hope that we would be able to produce our brand of fun art photography for everyone. With Lightedpixels Pixies, we believe, it is now possible.

Here are the links to their website and Facebook page!
Lightedpixels Pixies Website
Lightedpixels Pixies Facebook Page

~ by Kelvin on June 11, 2010.

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