Re-Introducing Lightedpixels, Re-experiencing Your Relationship and Re-living Love.

Lightedpixels started about 5 years ago as an adventure and a simple dream of photographing daily!

We have grown into a tightly knit group of 6, supporting one another and chasing a common dream of pursuing fun art photography. Photography that is fun, quirky, real, sincere and meaningful… with a little drama thrown in every now and then. =)

Our photography has progressed far beyond static poses, and begins long before the shutter starts clicking. It is a conversation between the couple facilitated by the photographer. The camera, is but a mere vessel.

It is an exploration for us and we seek not to create but to discover and uncover the richness within a relationship and we take it one relationship at a time.

Every shoot is a journey in itself. Every image an experience.

Today, we are very please and proud to share with you, after weeks of hard work through the direction of Ting, the re-branding of Lightedpixels.

Our new logo.

Our new name cards. As it stands, the only one of its kind here in Singapore, in terms of the material used and the production process. Our printer was extremely supportive and creative in producing these cards for us.

The new Lightedpixels bags.

And all the other collateral.

~ by Kelvin on June 6, 2010.

12 Responses to “Re-Introducing Lightedpixels, Re-experiencing Your Relationship and Re-living Love.”

  1. thats really beautiful. i was at your talk and i loved what u said. it really resonates to my inner being. 😀 keep up the great work. x j

  2. Thank you Jen. =)

  3. love the paperbags and envelopes!
    i hope there’re new albums too? looking forward to the photoshoot with Alwin in September!

    • Hi Corliss! Yes we have not one but two new range of albums to be released soon. =) Alwin is super excited about your shoot too!

  4. Very very nice! Love it! =)

  5. Looks fantastic, well done

  6. Congratulations to all of you! New logo is very sophisticated and delicate. Your name cards are beautiful, very cool! I want those bags!! (for my cupcakes and cookies) 😉

  7. Wow congrats guys!! What’s the unique thing about your namecards btw? Tell me I like this kinda thing haha

    • Hi dear Ally!

      This is what I know, the printers did the print and then they did one round of laminate before applying orange peel. However, they actually cut through each orange peel to accommodate our motif. The motif is done through spot UV. There. =)

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