the girl who brought hot sauce

hello! its been awhile since i last wrote here *blows cobwebs away*

i’ve had the opportunity to tag along with Alwin on his recent bridal shoot in the absolutely-amazingly-stunningly-breathtaking Bali that made for such gorgeous scenic photos of the couple. just imagine – the handsome groom and beautiful bride against a backdrop of crashing waves and the sunset. okay… i am getting carried away. (more photos on our Facebook page!)

i am here to introduce the newest addition (albeit temporary) to the Lightedpixels team.

Introducing Candice!

Candice is a 3rd year undergrad in NTU and she is majoring in Photography! She’s gonna be interning with us for 5 weeks. Before Candice joined us, the team were joking about what our intern should do. A common name we coined for our potential intern then was “scan artist”. (please do not let your mind go wild, there is alot of films that needed to be digitally archived and we thought “scan artist” might sound more glam than say, film-scan-person. hahaha.)

But now, Candice will forever be known in the office as the girl who brought hot sauce. Proof is in the photos.

It’s gonna be an exciting 4 weeks ahead… seeing as how in her first week, she managed to make all of us sweat. heheh.

~ by Samantha on May 14, 2010.

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