Perth and Melbourne!!

I have just returned from a lovely holiday and shoot in the lovely Australian cities of Perth and Melbourne. It was an extremely rewarding trip for me. Both couples that I shot for, Alvin & Michelle and Charles & Sherlin, were such warm and giving people. They both have really wonderful stories to share about their relationship and love for one another and it was a blessing for me to be a part of it. =)))

We also had good company in both cities! Lycia and Sherlin’s friend Shirley came along during the shoot in Melbourne. In Perth, Lara Beck came along together with Jason. We drove in both cities and it was not unlike taking a road trip with friends. Really fun. Lots of laughter and teasing and just fooling around. =)

We also had the chance to celebrate my birthday in Perth and it was the longest celebration yet. Longer than any I had in Singapore. Ha… It was all good meeting up with all friends and spending the days just chilling out. Beth and Kyra also came along and we put up with O and Clem, whose son Justin, is our god son. The guy’s a bundle of chuckles and big warm smiles that melts your heart.

We will be back in Perth in October and November for our planned sabbatical (Oct) and also a wedding day shoot (Nov). We all can’t wait! Do email us if you are keen on doing bridals in Perth or Melbourne. We would love to hear from you! =)

Here are some images from the trip.

Justin and Kyra. They start playing the first thing in the morning!

Kyra had lots of fun blowing bubbles in the backyard.

Justin’s attempt! The boy eventually got it. =)

Kyra absolutely loved the sand there. It was soft and cool and she spent the whole morning running, rolling and burying herself!

Kirsty made some amazing red velvet cupcakes. They were powersome! Thanks Kirsty once again!!

Kirsty Jason and Samm!

Then it was a quick cross over to Empire, where Kyra spent most of her time cuddling with the lions!

Jason and Keith and Alvin and Michelle, then joined us all for a dinner at Clem and O’s place.

Next day, it was a day out at the cuddly animal farm in swan valley.

Isn’t he cuddly? =)

Then it was outdoor dining with Lara and her lovely family. Superb roast lamb and veggies. =))

The morning after and brekkies at home.

Images of the actual shoot in the next post! =)))

~ by Kelvin on May 4, 2010.

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