Wedding Portraits ~ Kelvin

Personally, my recent shoots have seen a shift in my approach to photography and to an extent, life. I have always been drawn to the happier side of life and a relationship. Most of my images, when I look back, makes me smile because I feel the same happy vibes the couple were sharing with themselves and me. However, I feel that I may have neglected other aspects of a relationship and the beauty in these other qualities. One of these qualities, is the realisation of how important our partner is to us. This simple revelation can be so powerful that it moves us to tears. I think there is great beauty in something as pure as the baring of oneself. There is also beauty in being able to not hold back on your feelings for your partner for fear of looking silly or other insecurities.

We all have quite busy life and most of us, especially here in Singapore, have been conditioned to fill up our quiet and empty spaces with activities. Truth is, we all need our quiet time and space to reflect and contemplate. These shoots will hopefully be able to provide such a space for the couples.

I have been working hard on these aspects while maintaining the fun aspects of the shoot. I have never intended to neglect the happy and fun-filled expressions but I believe we have alot more to gain if we also open ourselves up to the possibility of sharing and giving off of ourself to our partner and, again to an extent, all those around you and life. To be honest, it’s not been easy for me. Sometimes, I find it hard to inspire the couples and invite them to share. Sometimes, I feel I give up too easily. It’s always easier reverting back to an older and more familiar style. I am gonna take small steps and hopefully I will be able to do this well enough to be able to share with you images that would demonstrate these many aspects of love in a relationship.


~ by Kelvin on April 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Wedding Portraits ~ Kelvin”

  1. This Makes me smile 🙂

  2. s0 nice.. im sure u’d be able t0 bring 0ut th0se feelings fr0m the c0uples..

    g0od luck! 😉

  3. Just dropping few lines to say that I have been amazed by your work. All the emotions you manage to bring out on a photo, it’s just amazing. I specially love the photos in France as I live myself in Paris, and you really made me discover another beauty about my city ! Thanks for your inspiring work ! And good luck with your photoshoot in August, this is my favorite season to shoot as well…maybe our paths will cross in the streets of Paris ! 🙂

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