Jesh de Rox + AGWPJA ~ Sam

Hi guys, how have you been doing?

The Lightedpixels team attended Jesh de Rox workshop last week. It was an incredible time spent with Jesh and the other participants. Our lives were touched by Jesh, who has allowed us to see the beauty and love that each and every single person has to offer. The team has grown closer to one another and we’re definitely more in sync with each other (which can only translate to much more awesome work for you guys to enjoy!). Thank you, dear readers and friends, for being so patient with us and continuing to read our blogs and facebook updates! We count ourselves incredibly blessed and honoured to have been able to witness and capture the love that you bring to your families and friends on your amazing wedding day. For that, we thank you.

Also another thing to add – we’re incredibly proud of Kelvin and Alwin whose work has been placed in the AGWPJA‘s recent competition.

We’re extremely pleased that Kelvin has been placed 9th overall amongst all the photographers for 2009. Congrats Kel! 😀 (Do we get a treat? :p Haha)

This is the first time Alwin is taking part in this competition and we’re so proud of him!

Congrats guys! (:

Oh, in case i do not get the chance to blog again before Chinese New Year – here’s wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us here at Lightedpixels! And for the people in love, Happy Valentine’s! We are again, incredibly blessed to have known such awesome people who are in love.

~ Sam

~ by Samantha on February 9, 2010.

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