So it’s 2010 already! ~ Kelvin

I am currently in Paris chilling out (quite literally). I have just completed my winter shoot for a couple from Singapore. I have been pretty tied up of late and I wished I could have spend more time blogging. Anyhows… its a peaceful quiet morning here and I think its a brilliant time to share some thoughts and happenings!

Its been quite a ride in 2009 and I can’t believe it’s 2010 already. Actually, we are almost halfway through January!

First of all, we must apologise for the lack of entries on this blog. We have spent considerably more time on Facebook ( It’s been really easy to communicate with all of you on Facebook. However, for nostalgia and the fact that this blog serves as a better platform for conveying thoughts, we will step up our effort and update more regularly. =)

Over the past few weeks, months, we have been quite involved in a number of projects and plans. The studio in wessex has just about completed its interior work. We now have a spanking new gallery and an outdoor lounge area complete with lamps, benches, fans and music from the crickets. =) We have also been working on not one but two expansion projects and when we can, we will definately share these news with you guys!

We have been recruiting talents quite recently to join our team and later this month, we will be welcoming another photographer to our team. Working in a team has its advantages. For one, we get much better support when we have fellow photographers to rely on. It’s also alot more fun. I can’t wait to introduce this person to you. We should be making an official announcement sometime next week.

We have also started on a rebranding process and it should be ready pretty soon! Along with that are new sample albums, a new website among many others.

Meanwhile, thanks for being here with us. We look forward to announcing the details soon!  ~ Kelvin

~ by Kelvin on January 13, 2010.

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