Caroline & Jeremy ~ Kelvin

I have had the opportunity to be a part of Caroline and Jeremy’s great relationship. The couple’s been dating for more than 10 years and having shot their pre-wedding in Kyoto and having spent days together, I have come to be really drawn to the both of them. Jeremy is a great barrel of laugh. He says the darnest things but still you can’t help but reach out and pat him cos he’s just lovable that way. Har… The couple’s endless banters kept us laughing close to tears on many occasions.

It’s really hard to find someone as young and talented as Caroline. She’s a designer with Silhouette The Atelier. They design gowns and we have had the privilege of working with them. When I first met her, I remember her large beautiful eyes and her very lively and pleasant disposition.It’s not hard to understand why she is so popular with her couples.

Here’s a preview of the images from her wedding day.



Caroline and her eager bridesmaids looking on as TG does his magic. =)

Caroline’s bridesmaid Fanny just about made it into her dress. Jeremy had a little comment on her name too. Ha

Meanwhile Jeremy is still trying to beat his pal on ps3… captured by Alvelyn.

Her very beautiful gown, which Caroline designed.

The boys practicing their “first kiss” =)

Rebecca and Kenji, Caroline’s fellow designers from Silhouette

Kyra and Beth were also invited to the wedding and Kyra was super excited to see Caroline march in with her second gown.

The toasting session… the little one had his milk bottle instead!

Cheers mate!

More to come!

~ by Kelvin on December 7, 2009.

One Response to “Caroline & Jeremy ~ Kelvin”

  1. Hi Kelvin, I had a wonderful time browsing through the shots which you have taken. Keep up the good work and hope to work with you in the near future =)

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