Planned Overseas Shoots for 2010

The past month has been absolutely crazy but awesome! Its been a really exciting period with lotsa shoots and developments. Meanwhile, we have also come up with the planned overseas shoots for next year! There are some amazing new locations that I cannot wait to explore with you guys. For one, it’s South Africa and we will be there during the FIFA World Cup! While, we are there, we are also looking at shooting in Zanzibar (  as well! In August, besides Paris, we are adding Florence this summer! We will still be heading to Kyoto in early April for cherry blossom season and we will also be heading to Las Vegas in early March! In late April, we will be heading to Melbourne!

Here is the full list of places we will be in 2010. Do email us for more prices and bookings! Places are limited and some locations are already almost fully booked.

Photoshoots for 2010


27 Dec – 2 Jan/10-15 Jan 2010     Paris/London (Winter Shoots)

25 -27 Jan     Hong Kong


Early March     Las Vegas


4-9 April     Kyoto ((Cherry Blossom)

20-27 April     Melbourne


10-17 May     Loire Valley (Spring, Wild Blooms)


14-24 June South Africa/ Zanzibar (FIFA World Cup 2010)


15-29 August     Paris/Florence

In addition, we fly to Bali/Lombok throughout the year!

~ by Kelvin on November 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Planned Overseas Shoots for 2010”

  1. Hi,

    Im interested in the shoot organised in Aug 2010 to Paris/Florence, kindly advise on how the package is like + the details and costings.

    Look forward to hearing a favourable reply from you.


  2. Oh my!!! Kelvin so many beautiful places, if you ever get stuck for a second shooter, I am very willing 🙂

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