Alwin’s BIG 3-0

We celebrated Awin’s 30th birthday last Thursday. It was a surprise celebration and it was done while he was doing his same day highlights for Ben and Wan Yee’s wedding!Talk about squeezing things in!

Now now… to the gentlest, kindest and sweetest person in Lightedpixels, besides Kyra. =)

Happy 30th dude! May your metabolic rate stay high!

The lovely birthday cake from Eileen of Artisan Sweets! She even custom made a camera for his cake! Actually, its still sitting in the fridge! No-one wants to eat it cos its so pretty! Ha.

Kailian, who was conspiring with us!

Alwin’s lame attempt at multi-tasking!

Kyra wasn’t going anywhere near Alwin, while he is holding on to the plastic knife!

No worries Eileen! Cake’s good… Alwin’s just mugging around.

Like with most little boys, the first thing he did was play with his toy camera!

Kyra had her little own cupcake!

~ by Kelvin on September 26, 2009.

One Response to “Alwin’s BIG 3-0”

  1. that would be our wedding. 🙂

    btw, we simply adore the AD highlights that you did for us. happy belated big 3-0 again. could never have guessed that you were that young. 😛

    Ben & Wan Yee.

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