Keri & Leo in Zermatt

The second half of my trip to Switzerland brought us to the lovely ski resort town of Zermatt. Zermatt is every bit as beautiful as Keri described it when she first called me to make the booking. It’s a great place to bring the family out to and of course, a great place to ski. However, even if you don’t ski, there are enough sights and activities to do. There are great trekking routes and you can also cycle about. Even just chilling out in the town centre is a pretty nice experience. There are also no fuel vehicle here. All transport is by electric vehicles or horse carriages! Except for the occasional whiff of horse droppings, the air here is very fresh!

It is also home to the Matterhorn. The great peak that many set out to scale every year.

Here are some images to share from the shoot.

We started out our shoot at the old town of Zermatt. The timbered houses there are more than 300 years old! The colors, textures and richness in history made it such an inspiring place to shoot in.

An early morning passer by. I love her expression. =)

The cable ride up to the Glacier Paradise… Swiss technology. I can’t even imagine how they went about setting it all up! The little town you see in the background on the top right is where we started from!

On the way up to the Matterhorn’s Glacier Paradise

At Glacier Paradise. All of us forgot our sunglasses and the snow was blinding. After about an hour, even the sky appeared white! =)

The temperature up here was about 5 degrees? The high altitude also made climbing and trekking pretty laborious. Keri, however, with her bridal superpowers, somehow went about as if she was strolling down Orchard Road.

The Matterhorn. The peak does look amazingly sharp doesn’t it? Do you even scale to the very top? Looks impossible from here!

The beautiful scenery makes for such nice backdrop at Schwarzee Paradise, which at 1500+ ft is halfway down from the Glacier Paradise.

The lake at Schwarzee Paradise and the Matterhorn in the background.

It was really easier for us to get out through the back windows of our rooms! I know what it looks like but its not!

~ by Kelvin on September 6, 2009.

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