Keri & Leo in Geneva

I apologise for the lack of updates but its been a truly busy period. Wedding season is approaching again at month end and the past month was packed with bridals.

I also spent most of the month in Europe, shooting bridals.

There were a total of 6 couples in Europe. First up was Keri and Leo, who are based in Geneva. This is one truly international relationship! Leo’s from Colombia while Keri is from Singapore. They met in the US and have since relocated to Geneva. What a life!

It was a pleasure to get to know them. They were extremely warm and hospitable and pretty funny too! =)

They also flew TG Goh into Switzerland which meant I had great company! Keri also managed to get her gowns from Silver Lining when she returned to Singapore last year! It was a truly memorable trip for me. i think Keri and Leo made Geneva alot more fun and meaningful than it actually is. =)

Here are some images from our shoot in Geneva to share… next up… our shoot in Zermatt!

~ Kelvin

This is the street where the couple lives. I thought it would be more meaningful to be able to capture some images from the street!

The tram that leads to the city centre…

and why not a shot in the tram they take daily?

I love Keri’s red shoes!

A passer by who was quite amused at the fact that we hada wedding couple walking about in town at 7 plus in the morning!

Another amused passer by who is tickled by the fact that she’s in the photos too!

We were all spoilt for choices! The spread was unbelievable!

They look too good to be eaten!

TG Goh with Keri…

A quick touch up before we shoot again!

This was taken in the old town of Geneva. It’s such a lovely little quaint area. TG found an old LV makeup case going for about S$1800. Nope… he didn’t buy it.

Baby Angela, who reminds me of my two daughters back home… she’s somewhere between Nessya and Kyra so she reminds me of them both at once! =) Angela’s such a sweet smiley baby. Her mum shared with us that when she was born, her mom looked at her and told her there’s nothing to be sad about dear girl. You should be happy in life. She’s never stopped smiling since and I can vouch for that in the the 15 mins we were with her. She never stopped smiling!

The Beau Rivage… the grand old hotel of Geneva.

~ by Kelvin on September 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Keri & Leo in Geneva”

  1. Hello Kelvin! I have just noticed that you are posting the wedding photography in some new blog. They are – as always – awesome!
    By the way I want to congratulate you with a 1-st place in the WPJA competition! 🙂 I am glad very much for you! With my best wishes, Xenia Nikolaeva

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