A Wedding at Tirtha

Just got back from covering a wedding shoot in Bali’s Tirtha Luhur. The place is simply a visual playground! The chapel is really located at the edge of a cliff in Uluwatu. Near dusk, immense youself to the beautiful sunset while enjoying the gentle ocean breeze. When I first arrived I remember myself dropping my bag and running around taking pictures till at one point, I was thinking… hey where’s my camera bag! And it was at this point that Windee (yes i finally got to meet the guy!) the talented photographer from Photofactory actually called out to me and said… “Hey Alwin you don’t want to eat?” lol…

Sunset at Tirtha… Its so dreamy really

Banquet by the cliff

Setting up the place

Not exactly Tirtha Luhur.. but heyy.. its a scene from here!

Miss Cake and Mr Mike

Dusk at Tirtha

The beautiful bride – Inka

Inka at Tirtha

ok 1 last photo before I start packing for my trip!!! This is captured during Ronald & Inka’s First Dance! Total Bliss~

ok.. now I got some serious packing to do!

~ by Alwin on August 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Wedding at Tirtha”

  1. oh my goodness – how stunning!

  2. Hi, would like to know your rates and availability for an actual day wedding. Do Contact me thank you.

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