Brian & Lydia

“Perhaps the experience that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be.”

~ Anton Chekhov

When the couple first visited me a few months back, I was taken to their warmth and the amazing story of how they met. Before that story though, this was a wedding shoot that almost didn’t happen for me! I had decided to take the month of July off earlier this year, in anticipation of Nessya’s birth on the 18th.

However, when Brian called to enquire earlier in the year for 11th July, I checked my calendar and realised it was available, not realising it was available only because we didn’t take any shoots for July. I invited him and Lydia down to our studio. Only when they were in the studio talking to me that I realised their date was in July! However, with the ever smiling couple seating opposite me in the living area, I couldn’t just send them back. I agreed to shoot for them if they wanted me to.

Getting back to the story, Brian actually met Lydia through Lydia’s mom at the Four Season’s Roasted Duck restaurant. They were seated on a communal table and Lydia’s mom actually struck up a conversation with Brian and gave him Lydia’s number! She was being concerned since Lydia had just arrived in London for her studies and mom thought she could do with some friends. Little actions sometimes lead to greater events and in this case, a marriage! It’s as good as it gets for the guy I suppose, chalking up points with your mom-in-law on the first meeting!=)

The actual wedding celebration was quite an event! The door games was one of the most interesting I have witnessed and the dinner at Capella was a really easy and private affair despite the address. Hari and his team from Boenga did a great job with the flowers and decorations.

Here are some images to share.

The very beautiful Lydia looking really good at 600am in the morning!

The bridesmaids in their “police” uniforms! Talk about sabotaging yourself! =) It made for great fun and jokes tho!

The guys were dressed as jailbirds!

Lydia’s sister and dad

The Capella Ballroom. It’s a circular ballroom!

The outdoor reception area…

The really talented and likeable Jack and Rai

~ by Kelvin on August 7, 2009.

8 Responses to “Brian & Lydia”

  1. great shots!

  2. you captured the moment very well! the bride’s gown was so gorgeous and makeup was flawless. a perfect wedding. you know where the bride got her gown from?

  3. This story is similar to mine,am lydia. brian and i met thru our good friend nathan wen a was still doing ma skul in russia.longlive BL.

  4. may i know who is the make up artist?

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