Wendy & Hua Feng… A Buddhist Wedding

What an experience it was to be part of a buddhist wedding at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (http://www.btrts.org.sg). Wendy and Hua Feng’s wedding at the temple was fascinating for me. The temple was awe-inspiring. It is a beautiful place with some really nice ornate designs. The colors were rich and I was constantly in awe as I shoot. The head monk who was solemnising the wedding also had some really good Buddhist advises for the couple. There were 7 in all and it basically advises one to stay clear of vices, respect your parents, give back to society and love and respect one another. It really is that simple.

The couple, Wendy and Hua Feng, are two amazing people who are as beautiful as they look. It was a pleasure getting to know them and shooting for them.

Here are some images to share from the shoot…

– Kelvin

~ by Kelvin on July 28, 2009.

13 Responses to “Wendy & Hua Feng… A Buddhist Wedding”

  1. This is very unique! Love this!

  2. wow…I just love the colours! The Bride looks great with all her beautiful Cheongsum. Just beautiful

  3. Wow. these are unlike any wedding pics I’ve ever seen. Beautiful images!

  4. You are really really good with colours, they dance so gracefully, beautifully and insanely rich. This is amazing.

  5. wahhahah so RED and GOLD!!! nice work kel! and btw.. ur last pic, i took a pic that is exactly e same as urs! (some mths back i think..) anyway, job well done!

  6. yeps!!! bt the light there is.. scarce. got alot nice art pieces around.. chinatown is a nice place to shoot..

  7. These shots are beautiful… and of course, Hua Feng and Wendy look great. Glad to see you’re doing so well too Kelvin.

    And while I can get hold of you, could I please ask again for the title of the song that you used on your previous web page?

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