Hansel & Ching Yee

I felt extremely welcomed and loved by Hansel and Ching Yee. The couple are fellow bloggers on livejournal and having read about them, meeting and shooting them on their wedding day was something I was looking forward to! As expected they were really warm and it was a privilege to be able to shoot for them.

Also, there were a few familiar faces at the wedding, including my old neighbour in Geylang, Jing Quek! It was great catching up with them.

Here are some images to share and one last thing…

Happy Birthday Hansel!

Fr Anthony Ho, one of the warmest and funniest priest around.

Let’s not read too much into it. =)


and Andrew

The couple brought along some old school games for the guests at the table! It’s brilliant. Brought back some childhood memories of getting the back of my palm slapped!

~ by Kelvin on July 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hansel & Ching Yee”

  1. hey wat lens do u use for wedding photog

  2. it was lovely to finally meet you in person too, Kelvin. 😉
    love the photos, but of cos.

  3. ur pics always makes us smile! great going kel!

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