Ben & Cecilia

The last month has been packed with shoots and finishing up on edits before Nessya’s birth!

We have been blessed with some really meaningful friendships with the couples we have shot for and here are some images from Ben and Cecilia’s photoshoot to share with you guys. The shoot brought us to a few locations and the couple’s love for the outdoors and keeping things casual went really well in this shoot. They even brought along their convertible beetle and picnic baskets for their shoot! We also got lucky with colors at The New Majestic Hotel.

Ok… I gotta go back to the wife… Baby Nessya’s coming anyday now and I am taking a short break to be with the family so I might not blog as often.

Will update as soon as I can.


~ Kelvin

~ by Kelvin on July 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Ben & Cecilia”

  1. Thanks Kelvin! Love the pics! Anyway, looking forward to Baby Nessya’s birth and you being a proud daddy once again! =)

  2. wonderful series of shots!

  3. the pic was cool !

  4. lovely train shoot! very hard to control e light in e day at that time man…

  5. lol so funny

  6. All the best! Miss Ang and Mr Ng

  7. Great series of pictures. The capture and usage of light was just nice.

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