the new kid

I thought I should claim my place as the “new kid” now while I still have the chance, before Nessya snags it from me.  =)

I’ve been with Lightedpixels for around 2 months now and the experience is nothing short of wonderful. Like many folks out there, I sincerely feel Kelvin’s works are awe-inspiring and to be able to work with the team is surreal. It’s really more like a little family. I’m so blessed, really.

Photography is my hobby (unless you take into consideration the childhood stage of collecting stamps) after having been introduced to it 2 years back. I enjoy how you can capture and portray fleeting moments of great emotions. The world does seem a little more beautiful thru a camera sometimes, isn’t it?

Weddings are lovely. Everytime I tag along to a wedding or pre-wedding, I get to witness the love of the couple and it is an amazing feeling especially when it’s the littlest thing they unwittingly do that touches you deeply.

Now as we await Nessya’s arrival, I can’t help but feel very excited about it! We gonna have another girl to make us 5 soon! =)

Kai Lian

~ by Kailian on July 5, 2009.

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