The kind of Happiness that rubs off on you

Jon and Debbie’s wedding was held over two days last weekend, and so this fortunate photographer was lucky enough to spend two fun filled and heart warming days with this lovely couple and their family and friends! =) Indeed when I was talking to one of the brothers I realized one reason why I enjoyed shooting weddings so much is because these happiness kinds of rubs off onto me actually, and every weekend is like going to a different party for me!

Anyways here are some pics from the first day. All credits go to the wedding party for making it happen. I just clicked my way through the day =)


Debbie’s parents praying =)

Debbie’s mom getting JJ dolled up

awww…. JJ hold’s her aunt’s fingers

The stressful moment for all grooms

The invading party

The line of defence

The guys having a taste of sourness

Kevin looking good

Jon the cooking groom!

Believe it or not the guys had this for the sweet bit of th suan tian ku la

Sometimes gals can really look menacing… and cute at the same time =)

Jon making sure the coffee was perfect before presenting it to her bride. I wonder if he will re-brew it if he finds it less than perfect

Debbie’s mom’s kua was sheer awesomeness!

Jon’s lill sis was actually getting her hair done when she was called out for the tea ceremony.

I love this portrait of Jon’s mom. She looks really in bliss and radiant

Rachel doing dome final touch ups =p

The Pageboy getting all ready

I find this quite amusing!

Debbie’s dad, Peter walking Debbie down the aisle and stealing a glimpse of his beautiful daughter. ❤

Debbie shed tears of happiness, and Jon looking at her lovingly =)

~ by Alwin on July 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “The kind of Happiness that rubs off on you”

  1. Great set bro! I love the photo of the 2 bridesmaid with the bride..

  2. Oh wow! I think I might know this family. The last time I spoke with Debbie she was sooooooooo tiny and running all around and now she’s married?! What happened in between!? 😉

    Time to get in touch …

    • Hi Geraldine,

      It’s Debbie here – where do I know you from?! This is crazy but exciting!! 🙂

      Feel free to get my contact off Alwin!


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