For the Love of GOLI

Shooting for a wedding photographer couple certainly gives you a new level of stress. I still remember telling that to Gene a few days before their wedding only to be reminded that he is after all still a groom and was told to just relax and enjoy the day with them.

Gene and Olivia the founders of PhotobyMarbles actually met in church and brought close together through Photography! They found out that they have a common interest during a photography outing in Botanical gardens, and ever since then their world is all about cameras, Gene and Olivia <3.


Christabel showing us some of her kung fu moves

Here comes the Groom in his Vroom Vroom

So what do you waannnntttt!!!!

Everyone is preparing the manaquin…

I shot this before the guests take their seats in the church. It is as if the show of the century is about to start.

Some of the choir guys peeping out from behind the curtains

I like the gaze here between Gene

and Olivia ❤

It’s Black. It’s White

I love how the MIL are comforting each other. These moments I feel are always priceless

Olivia and her train of well wishers

I feel what she feels for her little sis =)

Dinner is served

1/2 of the MC for the night

Just for Laughs…

I love moments like these

Gene was touched to tears by Olivia’s surprise song

~ by Alwin on June 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “For the Love of GOLI”

  1. Thank you Alwin!

  2. Great photos!! 🙂 May i know what church is this? Thanks so much.

  3. heya its the lighthouse evangelism

  4. Lighthouse Evangelism

  5. Congrats to u!!! Thank you so much 🙂

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