A Fitness Shoot for a Fit Couple

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It’s been awhile since I last blogged. Quite awhile! Ha.

Today, I feel inspired. Its got to do with 2 things that are close to my heart – Photography and Fitness. I have been a wedding photographer for close to 18 years now (Isn’t that amazing in itself?) Along this journey, I have been for the most part, unfit. Overweight and often out of breath. That said, I have always been full of energy. Friends would often remark and wonder how in the world do I find the energy to do the things I do (and have 5 kids in the process) Hahaha. I could shoot 7 consecutive days of weddings and not feel tired. I would actually look forward to each and every one of those 7 shoots.

My friends are not wrong. I do have boundless energy. That is one of the advantages when you are more mature. You understand yourself a lot better and I realise now that I don’t tire easily. That said, I was still overweight despite the many shoots I was doing (and they required lots of walking!) I put that down to one thing – me constantly snacking. I was constantly eating!

Eventually, in Jul 2018, I decided to do something about my health. I was close to 100 kg and decided I needed to lose weight. I used Intermittent Fasting, stayed razor focused and lost about 15 kg in 3 months. After those 3 months, I started going to the gym to work out, I eventually put on some muscles. The gym has since played an important part in this new routine of mine. I gym almost daily now. Either lifting heavy weights or joining a HIIT class to sweat it out. I have also made some amazing friends in the gym. Before going into that, I believe the gym deserves a special mention. Bespoke Fitness (based in Infinite Studios in One North). That’s the gym I go to. They have a special community of gym goers. The gym is founded by a sister and brother pair, Yan and Tiat. They have somehow managed to create a community of gym goers that are supportive and encouraging. I attend the 7am class and its nice seeing familiar faces every morning. Take a moment to realise that all of these guys made a commitment to come to the gym at 7am in the morning, every morning! Eventually, these faces became more than just faces. They became gym buddies and now, dear friends. There are no prima donnas here and no grunting and chest thumping. Some days, Air Supply’s “All out of love” would be playing while you bench press. I love that. Hahah. More importantly, everyone is respectful. I also find it amazing that a class could consist of an 18 year old medical student, a 25 year old working in One North and a 60+ year old. All doing their HIIT alongside one another and encouraging each other.

It was in the 7am class that I first met Chris and Shannen. They are known as the fit couple among the morning gym goers. We worked out together quite a bit and eventually when Chris proposed, we celebrated with the couple and when they asked if I could help shoot their pre-wedding portraits, I was truly excited.

For this shoot, the couple put in quite a bit of effort. They trained consistently and watched their diet. It was about cutting and looking ripped. When I saw them for the shoot, I was truly inspired and awed. I haven’t seen them in weeks before the shoot because I was away in NZ during the period. So coming back and seeing them so buffed was inspirational.

Here are the images from our shoot. It was taken in Labrador Park and at Bespoke Fitness Gym.

They are both glowing!
Because why not?
Planking on a plank
Arnie would have been proud! =)
Back at where our 7am class takes place!
My fave!
These bars have brought much joy to those who attempted and did their first pull ups!
Chris may be all smiles but this is a lot harder than it looks! Hahah
And finally, Whey you marry me??

I have done fitness shoots before but this is special for me. They are one of the nicest couples I have met and now, one of the most inspiring.

On a sidenote, Shannen runs the super awesome Wicked Greens. Super tasty healthy food.

Bespoke Fitness
21 Media Cir, #01-06 Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562
Tel: 6570 2778

Wicked Green
 154 West Coast Rd, #B1-57 Facing Taxi Stand, Singapore 127371
Tel: 9107 1076

Myself (in the red berms), Pixies KC and the couple and their friend who helped out

Photography Workshop for Kids!

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Exams are out!
This holiday, we return with another exclusive photography workshop for kids! Join us and many other kids, in fun-filled photography activities. We aim to make photography fun for the little ones! Parents are welcome to join in! It will be a morning of exploring, bonding, making new friends and taking better pictures of course!
Kids (and parents) will be guided by our very own professional photographers, most of whom are parents themselves. This is our second edition. Last year’s workshops were pretty popular and two out of three classes were sold out. This year, we are having more classes, just so we keep the group size small.
We are delighted to be partnering Sony once again. Participants enjoy a complimentary loan of Sony’s RX range of cameras to use. There will also be a goodies bag for each participant. In addition, to encourage participants to come along with their siblings or friends, we are offering a special price for two participants who sign up together. =)
Here are the dates and details. To book your place, email us at info@lightedpixels.com with the Header – Photography Workshop for Kids!

My Weight Loss Journey (Part 1)

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A year ago today, I was at 99kg, overweight, had sleep apnea and a fatty liver. At the end of a trip to Hokkaido, on the plane, I realised I could not even clasp my wrist watch. I made a decision at that moment to do something about my weight.

Me back in July 2018 and that Cartier Santos I couldn’t clasp.

Me now, taken a few days back.

Before my trip to Hokkaido, I had shot a wedding in St Regis and was chatting with the wedding butler. She had shared that she had just done a 7 day water fast. That meant, she was only drinking water, coffee and tea (without sugar or milk. Bascially no calories). She said she felt great after the fast. Her complexion was better, she had more energy and she was slimmer. I couldnt stop rolling my eyes. I was skeptical and didn’t think too much of it til I came back from Hokkaido. I figured if I did a 2 day water fast, I would lose some weight and not hit the dreaded 100 kg. So I set about doing just that. I didn’t tell anyone about it for fear of being ridiculed and failing.
That night, while I was lying in bed, I decided to Youtube to find out more about water fasting. That’s where I discovered Intermittent Fasting, which would eventually change my life and that of some close friends around me, who were inspired and did likewise. More on that later.

Day 1
Meanwhile, I stuck to my water fast. I had a good dinner on Sunday night. knowing that I would go 48 hours without food. Monday morning was easy. I woke up later at around 10am. Then made my way to work and busied myself with work till past lunch time. I was a little hungry because of my eating habits (it was supposedly time to eat). However, after about 15 minutes or so, the hunger went away. I wasn’t hungry anymore and simply continued working. Then it was dinner time and this was the first real struggle for me. It was tempting to give in, I was tempted to reward myself for having skipped breakfast and lunch. However, it was equally motivating for me to skip it, knowing that if I skip dinner, I would go 24 hours without food! So what I did was sleep early! Ha. When I woke the next day, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment! I never imagined I could go 24 hours without food. All I did, was drink 3 litres of water and 1-2 cups of coffee and tea (no sugar and milk). I also supplement it with Apple Cider Vinegar just before I slept.

Day 2
I had the same strategy, Wake up late and skip breakfast. Lunch was a lot easier to resist. I would have skipped dinner too but we had a Lightedpixels outing that evening. We had planned to have dinner together before watching Broadway Beng. I decided to break my fast that evening (48 hours since I last ate). I also shared with the group about my fasting. I had a Lei Cha meal for dinner.

In the following days, I continued with Intermittent Fasting.

What I am about to share next is obviously my own personal experience. It is not medically verified although I have done a lot of research and spoken to a number of friends who are doctors. They agree that it is safe.

I am doing this to help those in need. I have been overweight and I have tried numerous methods to lose weight. None have been effective, except this. In the past, I have tried, Keto, Cutting Sugar and Fried Food, gone Vegan and even cut carbs off my diet. Some were effective initially. I lost weight (about 10 kg) but as soon as I stopped, the weight went right back up in a matter of days. It was crushing for the spirit. I do recognise that different diets will work for different individuals so to each his own. =)

Let me start by sharing a little more about Intermittent Fasting.

There are many ways of doing it but they all follow the same principle. A window of eating and a period of fasting. It is easy to see fasting as starving oneself. It is not. I see the fasting period, as allowing your body to reset itself and heal itself of its imbalances. I was snacking too much (every hour). What that does to the body is that every time we eat, it increases our insulin. Our blood sugar also spikes. This actually encourages you to want to eat again and the cycle continues. You also develop a resistance to a hormone called Leptin which tells your brain when you are full. Often, this resistance means you are never really full and have to keep eating. Managing your insulin levels is one of the way to reverse Leptin resistance.
Often, we look at calories when it comes to weight loss but hormones and your metabolic rate is equally important. There is almost no way to fight your hormones. Your body is always trying to save you. It is on your side. When it thinks you are losing too much weight or starving, it will fight back and encourage you to eat more to gain back the weight loss. I used to think that I have very little will power. I now understand that sometimes, there is almost nothing you can do when your hormones are not balanced and decides that you need to eat or gain weight. You will almost certainly lose the fight. As such it is very important to get your hormones in order first. I learnt that Intermittent Fasting (IF) helps, among a few other things, including enough sleep and drinking enough water. More on that later too.

Back to IF and its various forms.
The most popular is 16/8. Which means you eat within an 8 hour window and then fast for the next 16 hours. During this fasting period of 16 hours, you can drink water, coffee or tea. The coffee and tea has to be without sugar and milk. Basically there is no calories consumed during this fasting period. With that in mind, you can also take soda water and water with Apple Cider Vinegar. All these have no calories. Fruits, salads, a piece of biscuit (no matter how healthy they are, are not allowed). Basically, no calories. A popular eating window is to have breakfast at 9am, then lunch at 1pm and then an early dinner at 5pm. This keeps your meals between 8 hours. I try not to snack in between. Often, I only have 2 meals instead of 3. Usually breakfast and dinner and skip lunch. During your meal time, you can eat ANYTHING! But just keep the amount within reason for effective weight loss. I ate one portion. I normally break my fast with Chicken Rice, Bak Chor Mee, Teochew Porridge and Nasi Padang. What I love about IF is that you dont have to count calories or leave out any type of food, or prepare special food. It is cheap and it is very easy. You either eat or don’t. Critics have likened this to starving oneself. I don’t see it that way. For me, it is about allowing your body to be more aware and more disciplined when it comes to eating. Food is more readily available now than ever before. The food industry is also a powerful one. We are presented daily with tempting cheap food to snack on. This actually has adverse effects on your health and weight. We have been led to believe that it is all about the calories. Fast Food chains tell you that you just have to work out after your meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Go jog off that fries and burger that you ate. Often we don’t succeed. That’s because as mentioned earlier, hormones and your metabolic rate is also at play. 300 calories of french fries is different from 300 calories of broccoli. The reaction you get later is different. Consuming the fries, increases your insulin a lot more than the Broccoli and so too your blood sugar level. In a matter of minutes or hour, you will be faced with an urge to eat again if you had consumed the fries as compared to someone who had the Broccoli. Quite the same with Diet Coke. There is no calories. However there is a hormonal effect on your body. While there are no calories, you body reacts as if you had just consumed sugar and your blood sugar and insulin spikes. Again, you will be tempted to consume again.

That’s it for today! I have so much to share that I think it’s better to break them up into smaller parts.

I will continue tomorrow with the various IF forms and share more thoughts. I will also share more tips to help you succeed. Meanwhile, do share if you have any questions on what has been shared, I will try my best to answer them.

Hello Friends!

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It’s been a long while since I last blogged! As much as I love to blog and share, the past months have been insanely crazy. That and the fact that I spent more time on IG. That said, I am making a renewed effort to blog and share our experiences and images.

Life has been kind and I am extremely thankful. We are still pretty busy with shoots and that is something I have never taken for granted. We are still traveling quite a bit with destination weddings and shoots. The brand has grown. Lightedpixels now have Aloysius Lim, an old friend and a fellow Sony ambassador. We are humbled that he has decided to join us late last year.

The guys at Lightedpixels Pixies have matured as photographers and now have a strong following as well. The team dynamics is the strongest and closest we have ever had since the Pixies brand started. We have also gone into partnership with Watabe Singapore and formed Blisspixel, a photography brand that shoots primarily for couples getting married at the beautiful and iconic Chijmes Hall.

My own family has also grown! Beth and I now have 5 kids. They have been an absolute blessing.


This image was taken during a shoot with Mini Singapore at the estate that the studio is based in – Wessex Estate. I am also reminded that next year will be our 10th year here in the estate! How amazing is that? I still love the estate as much as I did when we first moved here. There is a quiet charm about the place. It allows you to live your life at the pace you choose. The sounds of birds and crickets aren’t drowned out by the traffic or the city. It is still peaceful despite the recent developments in the estate.

We used to live here too but moved out 3 years ago when Beth and I couldn’t stop having kids. We eventually ran out of rooms for the kiddos. We still miss the estate but the new place is a lot bigger and that helps.

Moving forward, we have new plans for Lightedpixels which we will share that in a bit! And we will almost certainly have a huge 10th year at Wessex anniversary bash next year.

Talk soon!



The 2nd Lightedpixels Annual Getaway in Santorini! 24-28 April 2018

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After weeks of planning, I am please to share with you that we will be having our second getaway in Santorini next year! Earlier this year, we organised our first getaway and everyone had so much fun that we decided we were going to do it again. As such, we have gone ahead and booked ourselves the entire resort (yet again) – All 15 rooms which means we will have the whole resort to ourselves! =)

Photo Apr 28, 1 05 13 AM

The Resort we will be staying in

About the getaway


Ever since I visited the lovely island about 10 years ago, I have been drawn to it’s charm. And every trip I have made since has always been better than the one before. There are always new hideaways to be discovered and explored. New friends to be made. It is not just about the world famous sunsets that the island is famous for or the amazing Mediterranean food, Santorini has a lot more to it – Numerous beaches, flower fields, hidden churches and some of the best sights to trek to.

My only regret then, was that I had no one to share the amazing sights and experiences with. This became the driving inspiration behind the Lightedpixels Getaway – the sharing of joy in exploring and discovering a new destination.

As mentioned, we had our first getaway earlier this year and it was an unforgettable experience. We have also gained some valuable insights into organizing such a get-together. We look forward to being even better hosts!

Besides myself, the Lightedpixels Pixies will also be at the getaway.


So What Exactly Will We Be Doing?


In a nutshell, it will be a tour but think of it as a getaway with friends. What made the first getaway a success is the fact that while we had many activities planned, the participants are free to opt out of it. We are here to be your guide and to suggest places and activities you can join in but we leave the final decision to you.

Because we can go in smaller groups, we would be able to explore places that tour groups would not be able to. Like this peak.


Photo Apr 24, 1 05 50 AM

Delia at Sunset


And because we are a photography group, we will be showing you some of the most picturesque spots on the island and also equally important, the time of day to be there. Some places look better in the morning than any other time of the day! We think you will have some of the most Instagram worthy photos during your trip with us. =)



Besides exploring, you are also free to join us for a jog every morning. The island offers a very scenic and tranquil route that is located very near where we will be staying. The distance will only be about 2.4-5km depending on your preference but it will be a great way to start the day and to whet your appetite for breakfast.


Photo Apr 24, 6 38 52 PM

This years participants after their jog.

Photo Apr 22, 2 41 37 PM

Breakfast! One of my favorite meals in Santorini. Everything is so fresh!


As mentioned earlier, one of the main highlights in Santorini is the spectacular sunsets. What I would like to do for you is show you some of the best sunset spots on the island and not just the common ones. I have discovered a number of sites that provide for an unforgettable experience.


Photo May 16, 1 02 31 AMPhoto May 09, 12 28 06 AMPhoto Apr 26, 1 02 01 AM


Besides morning jogs, and gorgeous sunsets, we will be exploring some incredible beaches, treks and views. Here are some of the places we went to during this year’s getaway.


Photo May 15, 6 33 36 PMPhoto May 15, 6 06 15 PMPhoto May 11, 7 29 54 PMPhoto May 04, 1 33 53 AMPhoto Apr 29, 1 35 32 AMPhoto Apr 27, 9 03 59 PMPhoto Apr 26, 8 38 26 PMPhoto Apr 26, 7 30 54 PM
Another hit was the trip to the winery. =)


Photo Apr 24, 4 31 41 PMPhoto Apr 24, 4 30 51 PMPhoto Apr 24, 4 29 27 PM


Besides wine, I also have a love for food and over the years, I have asked around and tried some of the very best the locals have suggested. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. =)




Besides the above, there were many more activities we planned for and are planning for next year’s getaway.

We are going to keep them a surprise for now but we are extremely excited to share them with you in time.

Finally, because you will be with us on the beautiful island, we will be offering individual, couple or family portraits by myself or the Pixies. This is optional. This year, we didn’t include it initially but was asked by many during the stay for a session. So this year, we will make time for it. It will be just an hour long and we will offer a special rate for you and your love one(s).


Photo May 11, 6 07 08 PM

Photo Apr 23, 6 22 04 PM

Photo Apr 25, 2 54 53 PM

Photo May 01, 6 42 42 AM


Who Is This Tour For?


This tour is planned for everyone. From the individual to couples and even families or group of friends. You will be with like-minded people who love traveling, exploring and meeting new people and friends.


What Will It Cost Me?


The cost for this getaway is kept low at S$2,200 per room for the entire tour (5 Days 4 Nights, 23-27 April 2018). It is based on twin sharing. If you are an individual coming along or are coming as a family, do email us. We will make special arrangements just for you!

The price is for the following: Tour, Accommodation, breakfast, an end of tour dinner on the last night, all photography classes, and almost all other activities.

It however doesn’t include your flight into Santorini.

Places are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. We require a $1,200 deposit. There is also an early bird offer of S$2,000 for all sign ups before the end of October 2017, unless its sold out by then.

To sign up, email us at info@lightedpixels.com


Testimonials from this year’s participants


Kelvin has spent a lot of time exploring Santorini, so when he invited Leana and I to join him for Lightedpixel’s inaugural Getaway trip, we were really excited. He showed us some magical spots off the beaten path that we’d never have thought to explore on our own.

We were sharing some wine after our first sunset as a group when Kelvin said he’d wanted to start an annual Getaway trip because whenever he was in Santorini for work, he’d see all kinds of spectacular sights, meet interesting people, and try amazing food, and had no one to share them with.

I really came to appreciate his sentiment along the trip. The special, tucked-away nooks and crannies of the island are breathtaking, and the food and people are great, and all you can think about is how much you want to share them with loved ones.

Kelvin isn’t just a fantastic photographer, he also happens to be an excellent tourguide. (I guess now we know what his retirement plan is!) This is not a trip to miss.

Dharma, Co-Founder of The Wedding Scoop


“The inaugural Lightedpixels Getaway exceeded all expectations! Kelvin knows almost every nook and cranny of Santorini and his generosity in sharing made it a chillax and fuss-free holiday with all the best Greek wine, food and adventures that Santorini could offer. The highlights of the trip are definitely the secret spots which will give you the most insta-worthy pictures that will continue to trigger withdrawal symptoms of the trip many months later. Looking forward to traveling again with the Lightedpixels family in other parts of the world!”

Amy Soh

Photo Apr 25, 12 37 27 AM

Leana and Dharma

Photo Apr 25, 8 30 36 PM

Some places are best explored with an ATV

Photo Apr 26, 8 57 52 PM

Photo Apr 25, 8 51 44 PM

Photo Apr 26, 11 21 35 PM

Photo Apr 25, 12 36 14 AM







The Lightedpixels Wedding Photography Workshop 2017

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Today, we are delighted to officially open bookings for our second workshop here in Singapore! The first workshop held earlier this year, was sold out within three days. We have since had requests to conduct a second workshop.

I have always enjoyed teaching and sharing and over the span of just a year, I have picked up some new techniques and experiences to share.

In my journey as a photographer, I have been inspired by what the guys at the Beloved Collective/ Moment Design have been doing. I was first introduced to the techniques about 8 years ago. Earlier this year, I am honored to join the group as a teacher, the first teacher in Asia. The techniques that are shared have helped in my photography and the couples, families and individuals I have shot for. The techniques have also been used by a number of leading photographers here and in the region. It has no doubt helped them too. It is my wish to share these with you.

In addition, I hope to share my own personal experience as a photographer here in Asia and as a business owner. Running a photography business is a lot more challenging than most people imagine. How do you break out and stand out from the crowd? How do you manage your business? How do you maintain your brand identity and popularity over the years? These are some of the questions I would love to answer in our workshops.

The two day workshop will consist of the following:
1. Finding your visual identity
2. Effective shooting techniques
3. Moment Design techniques
4. Building a successful photography business
5. Managing a photography business
6. Marketing yourself
7. A demonstrative shoot with subjects

The class size will be kept small and intimate. The workshop will once again be held at the lovely Alcove at Caldwell House. I am also excited to share with you the tools of my craft – the equipment that I use. Sony has kindly sponsored the loan of cameras and lenses to be used during the workshop. I am particularly excited by the new Sony A9. It’s an extraordinary camera for weddings and portraits.


Limited places. The class size is kept small for more impactful learning.

Course Fee

S$980 (An early bird discounted price of S$780 for sign ups before 31 Aug 2017 at 12pm)

All participants should have their own camera system.

For more information, please email info@lightedpixels.com

To book a place:
Buy Now Button



About Kelvin Koh

Kelvin began his photography journey in 2003 and registered Lightedpixels in 2006. Lightedpixels got off to a bright start, winning a number of international wedding photography awards that very year. It was also recognised by the Singapore Tatler in its Best of Singapore list, and it has been so for 11 years running. The Singapore-based photography studio has also gone on to influence a whole generation of photographers both within and outside of Singapore, with their brand and style of photography.

Kelvin’s works have been exhibited and published in numerous local and international magazines. Besides growing the studio into one of the most sought after photography brands in the region, Kelvin has also managed to grow his family. He has recently become a father yet again, for the fifth time. Despite the noise and chaos at home, he and his lovely wife, Elizabeth, will not trade that for anything else in the world.

Kelvin is also part of the Beloved Collective and is the only teacher based in Asia. He hopes to dedicate more time educating and sharing his knowledge and experience. He is also a member of #sonyalphaprofessionals and is proudly sponsored by Sony.


“Kelvin’s Lightedpixels Wedding Photography Workshop is one of the most enriching seminars I have ever attended. Learning from one of the greatest masters in this wedding photography era has always been on my bucket list. Hence when the opportunity came, I immediately signed up for the course. Compacting his immense wedding photography experience into a 2-days workshop, Kelvin’s class was insightful, yet entertaining and light-hearted. Apart from sharing about the technical aspects of photography and trending styles, Kelvin was also open and honest in sharing the ups and downs of his photography journey. Kudos to Kelvin and Co for facilitating this educative workshop. Thank you.”

~ Stan Goh, Stanstills Photography

“The workshop with Kelvin was beneficial in many ways as we got to learn not only how Kelvin goes about doing photography, but also how he manages the business aspects of it. We could also see how Kelvin interacts with his couple during a short shooting session, as he applies what we have learnt from the first day of the workshop.

Kelvin is also a very open minded mentor, who is willing to share with an open heart. Having been followers of Lightedpixels’ works, it was a good opportunity for us to get up close and learn from him personally in the way he conducts his shoots as well as the aspects of running the business. It was definitely a fun and fulfilling time.”

~ Team Smittenpixels

“Kelvin Koh is a true inspiration. I started noticing his work around 8 years back when I first ventured into the wedding photography business. His work has been consistently amazing through out the years and his work never ceases to amaze me even till today. I love the mood of his images and how well he frame his subject yet making it looks so casual. Hat’s off to you Kelvin ! Keep up the good work and many thanks for being a friend.”

~ Mun Keat, MunKeat Photography